Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For My Little Sunshine

Baby girl's nursery is about 85% complete and I'm so happy with it. It's a cheerful, sunny space and I'm so excited for our daughter call it hers.

The walls are "Daisy Spell" yellow and while they turned out quite a bit brighter than I anticipated, I've come to love them. And I have great plans for whenever this room is no longer needed as a nursery and can become a guest room with grey and white bedding and turquoise accents. With a metal bed frame and maybe this chair. That will be fun.

But back to the present. The wall cards and other framed prints are from this etsy shop. I love how her work is creative and colorful without being overly cutesy or looking like it's meant only for a baby. I laminated the wall cards at a teacher store and just used sticky-tack to put them on the wall. The white frames for the 11x14 prints ("You Are My Sunshine" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") were bought on clearance at Michael's.

The butterflies are from Land of Nod, as is the bedding. The furniture is all from Landon's nursery, though we did switch out the plastic Ikea Trofast bins for girlier colors. The curtain rod still needs to be put up, but first we (JP) had to spackle the holes from the old rod and then we (JP) need to paint them yellow and then we (JP) can hang it up, but it's white with cute finials on the ends. The too long, too wide (but inexpensive and the perfect shade of pale medium blue) panel curtain is being hemmed into a single valance that I think will ground a lot of the yellow on that wall.

The butterfly trash can was picked off a clearance rack at Wal-Mart for $3. The wooden shelf is an $8 Hobby Lobby purchase that I was going to paint but then decided the natural wood color looked as good as anything else. My beloved owl sits proudly in the corner, keeping careful watch over the room. The yellow butterfly is also there because he blended a bit too much into the walls and after hanging a butterfly in three of the corners and one over the bed we weren't sure what to do with him. It was also about 11:00 pm and JP looked like he was going to kill me if I suggested he rig another one to the ceiling with fishing line. I'm thinking of nailing the yellow guy straight to the wall at an angle on the corner of the quilt since I'd like to leave some shelf space for a picture frame or two, but I don't want it to look like my high school bug project. The power tools will be removed as soon as the curtain rod is installed.

And then on the back wall you can't see there are two collage picture frames in a pretty cream color that will hold her birth announcement and some pictures of our newly expanded family. There's also a purple butterfly flying overhead. JP and I had several discussions about the angles the butterflies should hang, with me preferring them soaring majestically upward, and him preferring the suicidal looking downward dive. We compromised with three soaring up and one hovering nearly level with the floor. I'd also like to get a little name plate to hang in the area between the room and closet doors.

It's a happy little room and even Landon likes to hang out in there, though I'm sure he's getting very curious about where the heck this baby is hiding and why we won't bring her out to play.

(P.S. New High-Heeled and Pregnant post over at All Kinds of Pretty.)

(P.P.S. Updated nursery pics here.)


  1. The yellow looks really good! I love how this is a baby girls room and is still very gender neutral :-) I hate when I see an overload of pink!

  2. It's so pretty!!! I need to step it up a little in my kids' rooms I think. Both of yours are so simple and sweet!

  3. So cute! I especially love the wall with the owl and the print. It looks so calming.

    Quick question: next time you need inspiration for another topic on the "all kinds of pretty" can you cover suits and maternity clothes? I might have a couple interviews with some law firms and want suits that look classy and elegant, but aren't too expensive. Thanks!

  4. Love it! It has turned out so cute!

  5. That is a beautiful nursery, LL! What a wonderful space to bring your new daughter home to! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  6. I have to admit I'm very impressed w/how put together your house is, considering you're pregnant AND have a full time job, a toddler, a husband and pets! I am not pregnant but have all those things minus the pets, and I barely have any time to pay attention to my condo (which is smaller than your house!).

    --A long time reader (I started reading when we were both in law school; we were pregnant w/our first around the same time; and I graduated in 2008; I've really enjoyed your blog through the years!)

  7. It looks darling! Now I'm worried that I haven't done anything with my nursery yet...


  8. I seriously love that room... My room growing up was yellow. It was such a bright, happy room to be in. I would recommend you think about getting something to darken the room (one of those darkening shade things), because a yellow room is bright really early in the morning! :)

  9. I love the nursery and those little number cards, so adorable!

  10. Love the room! You have such great decorating style. I love the yellow wells and the owl pillow is too cute. Now I've been inspired to finally get my husband to hang up the pictures/decorations in the nursery. :) Btw, I love the Crate and Barrel chair. We have a metal bedframe in our guest bedroom but I haven't gotten around to decorating/choosing a color scheme yet - I think the grey/white with turquoise idea is great. Maybe some yellow in there too. It just sounds like such a peaceful color scheme. Love it!

  11. Looks perfect, she'll love it!