Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Project

About a week ago Sarah over at Harry Times asked if I'd like to be part of a mom-authored, mom-focused style blog. She'd invited several other women of varying ages, sizes, and backgrounds and hoped to get posts on stay-at-home styles, working styles, maternity styles, etc. I loved the idea, and even though I sometimes have a hard time getting posts written for my own blog, I signed on to the project.

Then I went away for 2.5 days to a lake house without consistent internet access and my inbox exploded with emails full of ideas and content from the enthusiastic contributors. It remains a work in progress (we're working on a background and I need to write my bio), but there are 29 posts already and my first one, "High-Heeled and Pregnant" went up today.

So if you'd like another way to waste time on the internet- and by waste I mean read fun things about clothes and other accessories, stop by! And let me know in the comments over there or here if there's anything particular you'd like me or someone else to write about.

Oh, and just to be clear, I will receive no compensation or other benefits from the style blog. Just like on Lag Liv, I will be paid in the enjoyment I get from writing and the new internet friends who bring their support and humor to the comments. Should I ever receive freebies or special offers I'll let you know, though so far I have always turned them down because I'm really only in this blogging thing for the community, the archives, and the writing itself.

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