Sunday, April 20, 2008

Putting the Fun Back in My Weekend

I realized a few weeks ago that I no longer look forward to weekends. They bring less sleep because JP and I stay up later and still wake up at whatever ungodly hour Landon chooses; they bring more work because I use them to try to play catch up; and they bring stress because each weekend that comes is one less I have left to work on my papers and enjoy Chicago (which cannot be done at the same time). So I decided this would be a FUN weekend. Saturday already promised great things- a close friend is getting married in August and her bridal shower was going to be at the Four Seasons that morning, followed by her bachelorette party that night. I'd been looking forward to these events forever- excuses to get dressed up, spoil a wonderful person, and go OUT! The fact that the other guests were some of my best law school friends, none of whom are moving to Austin with me, made it even better.

And it was a wonderful day. The shower was beautiful and it was great to meet her mom (who immediately asked me about Landon, all my friends are like proud aunts who brag about their "nephew") and her bridesmaids and college friends. I was excited to wear a fantastic BCBG Max Azria dress I picked up at Ross in Houston for only 24.99 (the original $240 BCBG tag was still on it - how do they get this stuff? does it fall off the back of a truck?). She got lots of great stuff and it made me wish I was a little older when we got married. At barely 22 I didn't know what my "taste" was yet, and I would have made better registering decisions. I also had no idea how much I'd love hostessing and I now covet my friend's beautiful serving dishes.

I came home and played with Landon while JP went to go swim. We read every book he owns and I discovered he loves it when you bark at him. It absolutely cracks him up. We did lots of barking and giggling.

The boys helped me choose my "going out" outfit (dark jeans, black sleeveless neck with a v-neck and v-back and a thin silver rope wrapped around the straps, silver shoes, silver/black bangle bracelets and long earrings) and dropped me off at the pre-party apartment for the mini-lingerie shower and bachelorette party. I'm proud to say my gift of leopard lace panties with red lace trim was the least classy (and most fun). I know her fiance will appreciate them. After some wine and appetizers we headed out in cabs to a karaoke dive bar. We indulged in $2.50 PBR specials (that is not a tasty beer), my first shot in a very long time, and lots of karaoke-ing. I believe I sang to "Like a Prayer", "If I Ain't Got You Babe", and "The Sign". Around 11 I thought I should take a picture of my shoes to share with you all:

I really need a pedicure.

We left the karaoke bar at midnight for another favorite that plays 80's music, but I hopped in my own cab and headed home. JP has gotten up with Landon for the past six mornings because I've had terrible headaches, so I knew that no matter how late I was up and no matter how much I drank, I still had to get up with the little guy. JP needed (and deserved) a day to sleep in. I was in bed at 12:30 and Landon woke up, hysterical, at 4 AM. I think his other bottom tooth is coming in. I gave him some motrin and walked loops to calm him down and he finally fell back asleep at 5, only to wake up for good at 7. We made the most of being up early on a Sunday and went to brunch at our favorite local place, did our grocery shopping (Landon sat in the main area of the cart, surrounded by food, and chewed on almost everything once), and just hung out and laughed with our little man. Now he's in bed and JP and I are about to enjoy a delicious dinner with a good Chilean cabernet.

My eyes may be burning with lack of sleep, and I didn't do a minute of schoolwork, but this was a nearly perfect weekend. It was my gift to myself before everything gets completely crazy with the papers and finals and driving to Austin within hours of my last exam. I don't want to go to sleep and allow it to end.


  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend...despite the early Landon wakings. I brought my work laptop home this weekend, but am glad that I didn't fire it up. E and I enjoyed all of the sun today and walked around the lakes with a few of my girlfriends...along with every other Minnesotan (seemingly). Sometimes, you just need time for yourself, and to be with your family. School will get done, one way or another. Take care!

  2. Wow, sounds like a great time!! I have had the same thought about registering. I wish I could do it over again. We have some really nice stuff and I am grateful (because we had absolutely NOTHING before), but my taste has definitely changed.

    It's so good you're taking some time to have fun before you go! It sounds like you have a wonderful community in Chicago.

  3. You're just so fun. :) I love the outfit you described; I now feel the need to shop for similarly stylish clothes.

    You know, I got married when I was 28 and would still do things differently. I really don't like the plates that I registered for at all, and the colanders that M and I had a huge fight over while registering? Yeah, he was right. (Thank goodness he never reads blogs! I will never admit this.) No-one needs as many colanders as we have. :)

  4. That sounds awesome. I am so glad you got to go do that with your girlfriends before you graduate. I also wish I knew my taste better before I got married. Oh well, I still love my onieda.

  5. good for you! glad you could get out and have some fun! it's always good to get out with the girls and work off a little steam. Me? I sat and watched it rain all day Sunday. Talk about exciting! :)

  6. Landon needs the book Doggies by Sandra Boynton!