Saturday, April 26, 2008

And the Landon Taketh Away

We thought the crying it out was working. On Wednesday morning he was up at 4:00 and cried until 5:30 when he finally fell back asleep. On Thursday he woke up at 5:12 and cried until almost 6 when I rescued him. On Friday he woke up at 6 - victory! He's been going down between 7:45 and 8, so that was the 10 hours we were told by the pediatrician we all needed to be getting. For the first time in a long time I didn't fall asleep last night fearing what the morning would bring. The Landon had other plans.

He woke up crying at 3:25. We waited for about 10 minutes and then went in to pat him a few times. He settled, we left, he screamed. And continued to do so until 4:45. At first we alternated going in to calm him and then leaving. At about 4:20, when we realized it had been a fruitless hour of not sleeping, we gave him some motrin. JP then held him and rocked him and he fell back asleep until 7. I don't know what that was about - my guess is another tooth, but sometimes I think we just blame those teeth for everything. But the screaming at 3:25 was unusual. Who knows... I do know that I'm very tired and the super productive day I had planned (that I need) is not getting off to a very good start.

But how can you be mad at that face? Especially when he's proudly showing off his new favorite trick of making very loud spitting noises.

Sometimes the cuteness is all that keeps me going in the morning; that, and some kind of primal mothering instinct.


  1. Heh - like I keep saying, my kid doesn't sleep so well, either. But now I just have sympathy for him - because we have no AC (it's undergoing repairs apparently) and when it's really muggy he can't sleep. And neither can I!

  2. I LOVE when babies start making those bubble noises! He looks like he's ready to take off and walk, lol.

    Landon: sleep!

  3. I was in the same boat when my daughter was that age. We would have good nights, seeming to be making progress, and then out of nowhere more waking up for no known reason. It was HELL. All I could do was stay consistent, give her a few minutes to work it out, then go in and check, reassure, pat, But never ever picked her up. It went on and on until magically at ten months she started sleeping through till 6 AM ( sometimes 5, at that point I would call it a night) consistently. And if she had a middle of the night wake up she was able to settle herself, it was amazing. I know it seems like he will never get any better, but stay strong. Go to bed as early as you can and stay consistent. Once my daughter's top middle teeth came in, thats when the magic happened. Good luck!

  4. Oh gosh, it sounds so frustrating! Good luck tonight and with all you have to do.

  5. Just curious about the apartment you live in. Could there be some noise or something in his room waking him up. Just a thought could you buy an air cleaner for his room - it will make a constant humming sound which can be very soothing - so if the original random noise - car going by outside, apartment settling creaking noise, someone snoring in the room next to his it will be muffled by the constant humming of the air cleaner. Some rooms can be too quiet that a simple sound can upset a child.

  6. Is he hungry? Just a thought.... He's sooooo cute! I know how you feel about the smiles in the morning. My #4 & 5 kids are twin boys that are 7 mos.... I call them my Happiness. They melt me beyond anything that I can handle....

  7. Peach was a solid sleeper from September 1 on (just shy of 3 months). Now, with teething and the "drive to be vertical," she's up much more frequently. It sucks, and I don't know how you've managed it hitherto.

    (The whole drive to be vertical thing I'd never heard of until I read the "Touchpoints" book - but it completely fits! They are working so hard at learning to move that it even interrupts their sleep.)

  8. what a stinker! :)
    I don't know what gets my own kid up (though, thankfully, he's been sleeping more than getting up since we got back from Chicago)...but I kind of wonder if some white noise might help (if you don't already have that). But, like you said, if it's teeth, then nothing will work beside mucho motrin!
    Fingers and toes are crossed so that he gets back to sleeping so that you guys can finish all your stuff.

  9. When my son wouldn't sleep when he was little we played talk radio for him. Some boring droning station that does news and radio craft shows and what not. He'd wake up, hear the voices and figure he was safe and he'd go back to sleep.

    He still doesn't sleep all night, but if you can get them to only wake once and only want a short cuddle then it's not so bad.