Thursday, October 27, 2022


Last week is (was?) a blur. On Monday we had moving vans and a million boxes deposited throughout the house; on Tuesday it was James's birthday and I had a million calls at work; on Wednesday I went to Houston for the day to present at an ESG client event; on Thursday I was back in Dallas for work and Landon's swim meet that night; and on Friday I was BACK in Houston for the day to speak on an SEC CLE panel while our kids had sixteen things on their social calendars. Throughout all of this we were getting the kids off to school in the mornings, home in the afternoons, and unpacking unpacking UNPACKING any minute we could.
It was a lot.
My speaking engagements went well and Landon had a great meet, even if we didn't get back home to eat dinner until 10 pm (sorry girls; #swimfamilylife). It was at Loos Pool where I swam my first TAGS (Texas Age Group State meet) in approximately 1994. It's funny having a kid do a sport that brings back so many memories. I only played soccer for one season when I was 4 in California. I have zero memories of it but by all accounts I was a disaster, so the girls sportiness is all new for me. But with Landon, any pool is home to me (and some really weree). I always check the records boards to see if my best time would have the 100 breaststroke record (sometimes!) and look at the deck and think of me sitting with my team. It brings me a lot of joy to see my kid loving something that brings me such happy memories.
On Friday James and I were supposed to go out to celebrate his birthday, but Claire was babysitting, Landon had swim practice, and Cora had a soccer scrimmage and I guess we forgot that none of them can drive, so we canceled our reservation and separately drove our kids around Dallas instead. So, almost as fun as sharing an amazing meal together.
On Saturday there was an 8 a.m. soccer game for Cora followed more unpacking. The un-fun kind, like the boxes full of random things you weren't sure what to do with at the old house and don't know what to do with at the new house but they're things you occasionally need. And all the garage stuff. And the closets and office and game room. My family was warned: if I see you sitting and not unpacking, you will be yelled at. And they were. And we finished! By dinnertime! And it felt amazing! Besides, we still don't have a TV so why not spend all your free time lugging random items up and down stairs?
And on Sunday morning, when we all slept in and woke up to a fully unnpacked and settled house, it was all worth it. I came downstairs and made tea, with an old mug from my new shelf and new tea in my old tea container.

I opened windows. Sat outside in our screened-in porch. Breathed the cool air and just felt at home.

Kids and a husband came down the stairs at their own pace. Maggie's outfits were unearthed and a fashion show commenced.
We got out the bikes and scooters and the bulldog stroller that had all been in storage for months and went on a walk.
We live a few houses down from the most beautiful lake full of parks and trails.
And we were on a family walk - something previously so integral to our existence and completely abandoned in the last many months of extreme heat, no toys, and a small busy rental street.
We walked and chatted and played and Maggie and I smiled our way through it all.
That evening we cooked and grilled a big wonderful meal in our kitchen. James and the kids played soccer in the backyard.
I made a birthday cake to belatedly properly celebrate James turning 41.
It was a beautiful night, our screened-in porch was the perfect temperature and I felt like my whole body slowed down and took a breath.
I was home. And right now I feel like I just want to be home, in this space, as much as humanly possible. I have missed having a nest more than I can possibly describe and my soul is more settled now that I have one again.
Moving is hard. Moving after 10 years of building a community is really hard. Making new friends, finding new rhythms, and watching the kids do the same... There are times it's just really hard.
But each morning this week I have woken up and walked on the lake path with my bulldog in her chariot. I listen to my We Can Do Hard Things podcast and reflect on how insanely lucky I am to get to start my day like this, watching the sun rise over a lake near my house.


  1. Your writing is so beautiful. I enjoy it so very much every time you post. My children are much younger than yours and the way you enjoy and savor your older children is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing a snapshot of your life.

  2. I absolutely love this!

  3. I love this post and I am glad you are settling into your new Dallas lifestyle. I probably live 2 miles from you. HUGE adjustments I am sure. I have a dear friend with a V&E parter husband, I bet you all are colleagues. Enjoy the sunrises, and welcome to Dallas!