Saturday, October 1, 2022

It's October!

Happy October! It's finally below 100, I have the sliding door open in the rental, and I'm trying to get a post down before Claire and I leave to watch Landon's first high school swim meet! Because yes, somehow I do have a high schooler and I know from my 5 a.m. wake up calls the last two weeks that he does swim!

He also went to the Homecoming Dance last weekend! He looked so handsome in his new suit and the very snazzy shirt he picked out himself (the theme was Viva Las Vegas). He did not have a date- the girl he finally worked up the nerve to ask had obtained a boyfriend in the week he delayed, but has vowed next year to ask early, which is HUGE progress from the "of course I'm NOT going to Homecoming" place we started at this year.
He went to dinner with a group, took pictures with the big group of 9th graders, and hung out with swimmers and had a really good time. He's finding his people.
And I got to spend time with my favorite middle child while we waited to pick him up from the after party.
Which he asked to be picked up from 10 minutes after arriving because my sweet introvert was socialized out. He took a stack of waffles and fried chicken to go.
We went to the homecoming game the night before and that was great fun. The stands were packed, they won the game, and both big kids ran off with friends within 5 minutes of our arrival. It was perfect.
We took a sleepy Cora home at halftime, Claire came home at 10 and Landon just before midnight. Big kids are exhausting but this is a very fun phase of life.
I've been getting up with Landon at 5:15 a.m. and then going to a 6 a.m. workout class while he heads off to practice. Might as well use this extra 90 minutes my swimmer has gifted me. The instructor didn't show for this Thursday's class, which was a HUGE bummer at 6:01 a.m. and by the time I'd gotten home I'd thought of too much work I had to do to put myself through a home workout, so off to the office I went, watching the world wake up out my 38th floor window.
Also in the last two weeks I cut many inches off my hair, re-learned how to use my vagina curler, did a PLI presentation from my office to 300+ people and wore a bright pink shirt to match my art behind me.
With sneakers and jeans because it was by Zoom, and I was flying to Houston immediately afterward for an in-person presentation the next day.
I stayed at The Post Oak in Houston and took a client out to dinner (one I met through the first investigation I conducted at the SEC, you never know where the threads you weave in life will take you!). I had the most gorgeous room and was obsessed with the chandalier in the lobby.
My room was all automated, I could open the curtains from my bed and adjust the lighting. The TV rose out of the console between the bed and sitting area with a push of a button. There was a gorgeous closet and bar and work space. But I think the bathroom (and tub with TV) was my favorite part. It was sad to only have 10 hours there, particularly since I spent most of them sleeping. I do love a good hotel room.
I went to Fort Worth for the first time since June to speak at Texas A&M Law School and meet up with my mamas for happy hour. It was SO great to see them. Fort Worth is so close, but an hour away might as well be another state with the day-to-day of working, kids, activities, and travel. Cora's had soccer games (she scored two goals!), Claire is trying to get her ankle fixed before soccer starts, and Landon has swimming all the dang time (as does James). I love being busy because it's making the cut down to finally moving into our house go faster. Not sure if I've mentioned this, but I am SO OVER the rental. Living out of boxes with an undecorated house hurts my soul.
We're working with a designer since we need so much furniture in the new place. We had our first presentation and it was so fun. She's made idea boards for each room. This is Claire's.
Since I can't yet decorate a house, I've been decorating myself with my fall haul I linked to in the last post. I'm obsessed with the vegan leather pants and got so many compliments on them!
And yesterday I got to break out my flare jeans and fall floral and it made me so happy.
The top matched perfectly with my Grandma Jo's birthstone ring and wearing that makes me happy too.
James and Cora are off on an elementary school campout for the weekend. It's part James's worst nightmare and Cora's greatest dream, so if you average that together it should be a great weekend.
Alright I'm off to walk a bulldog and then head to a swim meet. All I can really think about is the fact that we have 12 more days until we get to move into our forever home! 12 more days!! I really really cannot wait.


  1. Ummm, pretty sure "vagina curler" is a typo, but if not, I'm dying to know what it is!

    1. Ha, it's actually not, but I did have a moment after I published it to wonder if everyone called it that 😂 (or remembered that I have in previous posts). It's actually the Chi Spin 'n Curl, which looks exactly like what I have dubbed it.

      It's a great little device though!

    2. First introduced to my tiny corner of the blogoverse here in this post.

    3. I called it that to someone recently, without thinking that not everyone calls it that, and the look on their face was priceless!

  2. Hahaha Whenever I see people with great curls like that I am like I wonder if they used the vagina curler! You have made this the word I use for it. lol So exciting for you all to be soon in your forever home! You inspired me by taking such a huge step.