Friday, September 4, 2015

An Adventure and a Comfort

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. The real date, that we originally swore we would honor in a small, inexpensive way after the indulgences of our trip, but of course we ended up making at reservation at our very favorite fancy restaurant within days of getting back. We love reasons to dress up, celebrate, and eat fancy food and this one was too good to pass by.

And Grace never disappoints.

Complimentary champagne, the best martini in the whole world (Bosc Pear Martini: Grey Goose Le Poire Vodka, Amaretto, Lemon, Vovetti Prosecco, paper thin slice of pear), and a new appetizer of Crab Toast. It was amazing. I love how Grace can give you a classic steak for dinner but surprise you with appetizers, salads, and sides that you could never make yourself and would never even think to make yourself.

Crab Toast: King Crab, avocado, pickled fennel, radish, fermented chili and green goddess dressing over grilled bread

Followed by two of the best salads in the whole world because we won't share. The first time we ever went to Grace I ordered the salad and moaned over it the whole time, barely saving James a tiny piece of the eggy, salty brioche and said words I'd never said before and probably won't ever say again, "Oh my god, you have got to try this salad."

“Toad in a Hole" salad: frisee, shaved asparagus, organic egg baked over easy inside a garlic buttered brioche toast, plus bacon and truffle vinaigrette

Entrees were next. Mine was filet Oscar style with lump crab, asparagus and béarnaise and Potato Croquettes. James had filet with mushrooms and onions on top and more bearnaise sauce. I shared my croquettes because I'm generous and needed room for dessert.

And dessert. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut tort with salted caramel gelato and bruleed banana for James. Butterscotch pudding with dulce de leche, marcona almond crumble, and salted caramel gelato for me. At this point I could have shared a dessert but James loves hazelnut and I hate it, so I was forced to eat my own.

I love a fancy dinner and I love my James and it was a wonderful mid-week treat to enjoy both.

As we discussed at one point during dinner, it seems impossible that our joyful, perfect, my-cheeks-ache-from-smiling-so-much wedding weekend was a full 10 years ago.

rehearsal dinner; yes, James is wearing the same shirt

We still have friends getting married so the idea that we did that a decade ago seems impossible. But then we think about the fact that we got married before moving to Chicago, moving to Austin, moving to Fort Worth... before law school and business school... before Landon and Claire and Cora. And then those two kids who could barely drink legally and were crazy excited to get married do seem like long ago versions of ourselves.

It's been a pretty incredible decade. Lots of ups, plenty of downs, lots of changes, and one unconditional, foundational constant: James is mine and I'm his. I read once that marriage is an "adventure and a comfort" and while it's more than that- it's fun and passionate and strong and constant- I think adventure and comfort maybe describe it best.

Because it's both of those things together, and how wonderful to have something so constant and comfortable be so exciting and ever-changing at the same time. I wonder what adventures the next decade will bring.


  1. Beautifully written post! Wishing you all the happiness a second decade can hold.

  2. Also, A+ on the lipstick-- I think it's your perfect shade!!

    1. Thanks lady! Red is not my usual choice, but James really liked it and I remembered that I do too!

  3. Congrats you two love birds, and many more !

  4. Is James wearing the same shirt as a tribute? Or is this more evidence that he is incapable of throwing out old clothing? ;-)

    Congrats! You look exactly the same as in those wedding pictures.

    1. More of the latter (particularly an inability to throw out expensive colorful shirts), but I chose to see it as a tribute. It was my very favorite shirt of his, back in 2003 when he got it, which is why I requested he wear it at our rehearsal dinner. We'll see if it can hang out for year 20.

  5. Congrats on a wonderful ten years!