Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stitch Fix, part deaux

The wait is over and my second Stitch Fix* has arrived! My first fix was a bit of a mixed bag: seeing "maxi dresses don't look good on me" as a challenge rather than a "don't send me maxi dresses" directive; me picking the wrong size for my tops; the colors not being as bright and springy as I was hoping. But other than the maxi dress we won't speak of again, I did like each item, and I appreciated that the skirt fit as well as any skirt is ever going to fit me, that the tops were different and fitted at the waist in a way I hadn't tried before, and that it gave me the idea to match a fitted skirt with a fitted waist top. I ended up being able to exchange the dark purple dolman top for an XS and I really do love it- I think I've worn it more than any other top in the last month and have received many compliments on it. If I could have exchanged the chevron top for a smaller size, I probably would have kept it too. So while it wasn't an overwhelming success, I felt positively towards the concept and looked forward to updating my profile and providing detailed feedback and receiving something even better the next time around.

But then, no, it was not better.

It started out positive. Brighter colors! Stripes! No maxi dresses, skirts, or cardigans! A fun necklace I could already tell I liked!

And then I started picking up the tops.

PAPERMOON Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse ($38.00)

NO. First of all, I hate puffy shoulders, always, in any form. I never find it flattering and it gives me flashback to my broad shouldered swimming days. Second, it's too big. Even after specifically requesting extra smalls, and noting in my feedback that the only top I kept was because I was able to exchange it for an extra small, I got all smalls. All blousy, loose fitting smalls. I could be 8 months pregnant in this shirt which is not something I'm looking for in a shirt. The fabric is nice, and I actually love the color, but N-to-the-O on the sleeves and overly voluminous cut.

Going back.

(Please excuse my naked Hobbit feet; I didn't care enough about this shirt to put my beautiful navy heels back on.)

SKIES ARE BLUE Lenor Button-Down Pintuck Detail Tank ($48.00)

NO. Hate it very much, no buttons, unflattering, not even talking about it anymore.

Going back, with vehemence.

(I do like the color though; I don't want it to feel bad about itself; it just isn't the top for me.)

SKIES ARE BLUE Bales Herringbone Split Neck Tank ($48.00)

No. Not an allcaps no this time, but no. There's absolutely no shape to it. Cute colors and style, but as with all the others, it's the wrong size and completely figure-obscuring. What happened to my fitted-at-the-hips cute chevron top from last time? I told my stylist I loved that, and then I actually kept the other figure flattering top (after exchanging it for a smaller size, which I also noted to my stylist), so I don't quite understand this sharp turn into the land of "blousy and voluminous figure obscuring tops". For ALL of them! Why?

Going back.

GILLI Nikky Striped Faux Wrap Jersey Dress ($58.00)

This is the only item that looks like me. Mostly because I have two navy blue with white stripes dresses in my closet (and another one that's white with navy blue stripes). Unfortunately for this fix, the two I already have are more flattering and cost less than this one.


($15 at TJ Maxx; it can be worn 3 ways)

For $58 this wouldn't be a keeper even if I didn't already own 2. I'm not a huge fan of v-necks and I don't like ties, plus it was also just a little big.

Going back, but with a good try handshake.

ROMOLO Zena Crystal Palm Collar Necklace ($38.00)

I like the necklace a lot, though not when paired with a single top I was given. Luckily I have a deep green top that will look fantastic with it already sitting in my closet, along with several others. I almost don't want to keep it just so I can send back the whole fix and make some sort of point, but I like it too much. Keeping it; probably wearing it tomorrow.

So this round didn't really work out. Better colors, and nothing I specifically asked them not to send, but way off on size and style and me-ness. I'm planning to request a new stylist and try one more time. Despite my strongly negative reaction to a few of these pieces, I do really love having a box of surprise items coming in the mail for me, making me try on stuff I never would have attempted at the store. And sometimes that's because I have strong feelings about tulip sleeves that aren't going to change, but next time it could be another dark purple dolman top making me try a style I come to love. And while the price points are higher than I usually spend, if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount on the whole box, making each item much more reasonable. (And if you have 2-3 items you like, you can still keep your whole fix, enjoy the discount making one of your items free, and sell your unwanted items on the Stitch Fix trade/buy/sell facebook page, something my friends have done with great success.)

So we shall see. My good friend at work just got an awesome box of stuff she loves and another one of my best friends from law school has an awesome closet of SF items, so my hope still springs eternal (or for another 30 days). I love that I have completely put the kibosh on weekend aimless clothes shopping and I enjoy indulging in my optimistic nature. (I investigate financial fraud, so I don't get to do that a lot at work.) Plus, I like taking pictures of clothes and getting opinions on them. Next time I'm hoping to have something I like enough to bother taking more than one half-hearted picture of each item. I haven't even apologized for the bad closet lighting yet!

~ ~ ~

Background: Stitch Fix is "the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest!" And that's exactly what I did- filled out a pretty detailed fashion survey, paid the $20 styling fee that will be credited toward any item(s) you keep, and had a box shipped to me for free with a return bag with free shipping label already attached. The website is very well done and I've found the process for returning and leaving feedback on items to be seamless and easy.

*Referral link. If you try Stitch Fix and use this link, I get a referral credit and it won't cost you a thing! I never advertise on here, but I figure why not get something for a referral if I happen to make one? Though as I wrote last time, hopefully I'll have far more enthusiastic posts that might actually lead to referrals in the future :).


  1. Wow, where did they find those tops?! You're right, totally shapeless! I love living stitchfix through you. I reallyveant to try it but aI actually love shopping and can't fathom giving up control of that!

    We must have completely opposite bodies (although I always think we are both tall and slender). I LOVE skirts (wearing them almost exclusively) and Vnecks. But have a super hard time finding flattering dresses or pants.

    I'm excited to see what comes in your next box!

    1. Ugh, phone sucks!

  2. I actually love the sleeves and neckline and colour of the first top on you - really pretty - and just a tad too voluminous.

    For me the striped dress is a no unless you want to look a lot bugger than you are and I'm not wild about the chevron top cut. In do like the colour, shape and derailing of the second top, it's just too big. So, yay necklace !

  3. Sigh - bigger and detailing obviously...

  4. I normally love stitch fix but my box this month was awful. I got a dress I already bought from them and a box of winterish clothes. And an ugly necklace that they told me would make things springy. You know what makes things springy? Spring clothes.

  5. Have you thought about Le Tote? Similar idea, but you pay a monthly rental fee and then you can keep your box for as long as you like. They also have a similar discount for buying items from your box. I think Stitch Fix is skewing older than you like to dress. I'm being totally cynical, but if your profile says that you have kids maybe you should take that part out?

  6. Well can I just say that first top looks SMASHING on you, in my opinion. the color is great - I might ask for it in my next fix. :) But yea, SF is total hit or miss for me - I either keep the whole box or keep nothing!

  7. Your shoulders shouldn't be covered up at all; they are so toned they need to be shown baby. That first top is just so not you. I don't mind the button down on you and I think the blue herringbone top looks pretty good. Your black and white dress is far better b/c it's showing your lovely shoulders and where their dress cuts you under the bust doesn't do much for your figure. This is fun to see although tedious for you!

  8. I ended up giving up on stitch fix. Though I did get some good pieces, towards the end I just felt like it was too expensive and that they were missing my style every.single.time.

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  10. Did you update your profile sizes? I have found they pay much more attention to that instead of the feedback which is annoying.

    I actually requested a friends stylist and that has worked out better than getting assigned randomly. If you have a friend that has lots of good options you could request her stylist! I just messaged customer service and gave them my friends first and last name and they looked it up.

  11. Stitch fix = asking your husband to go to the nearest Ross and grab 6 random items that are your size (roughly)
    Tried it and just never worked for me!