Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cookies and Kids

I really wish those two words started with the same letter, but it would hurt more to spell one wrong and it's too late in the day to think of a title other than one describing precisely what this post will be about.

Except first, the necklace from Fix #2! I really do love it. Just like I really do love that purple dolman top from the first fix. Which is why I have another box coming in a month. (That and your referral credits; thanks guys! It was like Christmas morning when one of those popped up in my email.)

No idea why this picture is so serious

My arm wasn't long enough to show the full ensemble that I built around The Necklace, but I paired it with a white button down (with rolled up sleeves, because it's cuter, and it was 90 degrees outside) tucked into my magic skinny jeans with a thin gold belt and tan flats (I know; a coworker literally did a double take when I was walking next to him and said, "wait? how tall are you?!"). I would never have picked out that necklace in a store and I couldn't stop petting it and gazing at it in reflective surfaces all day. Stitch Fix, I can't quit you now.

The other highlight of my day was wearing my necklace while eating piping hot Tiff's Treats cookies in my office. For those who've never experienced the joys of a Tiff's Treats snickerdoodle, it's a cookie bakery whose claim to fame (besides the deliciousness of their cookies) is that they deliver them to you straight from the oven while they're still warm. They started in Austin and just now opened one in Fort Worth down the street from my office. I ordered two dozen immediately and ate five before dinner. Then I taught barre twice in the next 12 hours, enabling me to have two more for breakfast the next day. I'm a little torn on whether having a Tiff's Treats nearby is actually a good thing.

After my Friday early a.m. barre class, I did my hair for the first time in a week (it's become a Friday tradition) and took the girls to school for the Mother's Day breakfast. Claire was SUPER excited.

Cora was not entirely sure who I was.

Claire gave me a painted wineglass with flowers glued in it (she cautioned me NOT to pour any wine inside; it's just to be pretty mom) and Cora gave me a card with a little thumbprint and a poem I'm pretty sure would make me cry if I were to actually read it. So I'm not.

Work was good and crazy as Fridays always weirdly are and then I got home with all the kiddos to find this on the kitchen table. Just when I'd finished off the last of the Tiff's Treats!

He knows all my favorite things, and it's always nice to switch your cookies to a new format.

Today dawned with me sound asleep while JP quietly took the big kids along with him to his summer pool's cleanup day. This is the day when JP and a ragtag team of lifeguards clean out an empty Olympic size pool and giant fenced yard that has not been touched or maintained in any way since they drained it and locked it up last September. It is a messy, overgrown, dirty disaster area and the whole day sounds terrible. JP somehow talked the big kids into going, so I woke up to an empty, silent house, and after my initial confusion, it made for a lovely lazy morning. Particularly since Cora slept in until 9:30. 9:30!!! That's 3 hours longer than normal. Girl partied hard this past week. I got to do hair and makeup and reading and the eating of another quarter of the cookie cake with my tea all before she awoke.

Then we went shoe shopping. It had been a while and I needed to work off the cake.

Cora had the BEST time at DSW. She was delighted by all the mirrors that were just her height and picked out all the sparkly, bejeweled, hooker shoes she could find in the bottom 3 rows of the clearance rack.

She was less impressed with TJ Maxx and tried to jump out of the cart at Trader Joe's, but we had fun. We also came home with two pairs of shoes, a beautiful blown glass vase I'm using as a pen holder for my new desk, and some very random food items that survived Cora's determination to eject all things from the cart, including her shoes and herself.

Later, after JP brought the big kids back home at lunch, Landon helped Cora climb the slide to hang out in their big kid fort. I'm not sure who was more excited about this.

Don't worry guys, I got this.

I kicked up my feet on a lawn chair, read a book, sipped an adult beverage, and occasionally snapped pictures of my trio. At one point, in the middle of endless rounds of sliding, Claire walked up to me and said, "Mommy, when I get bigger I am going to write a book for you and it will have all the words about how we have so much fun and we play and do so many things and I just love you so much. But I can't write all the words yet, so you have to wait until I'm big okay?" And then she kissed my forehead and raced back to the stairs to go down the slide with Landon and Cora again.

And as I sat in our muggy weather with an impending tornado warning, with dinner needing to be started and JP still absent, I felt nearly overwhelmed with gratitude for these three. I will absolutely soak up all the cards and treats (and champagne!) that JP and the kids send my way tomorrow, but honestly, I am just tremendously lucky to be their mother. They make it so easy and rewarding and so, so much fun.

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