Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Unique Crime-Fighting Trio and The Longest Week Ever

Ohhhh last week, it was approximately five weeks long. Such highs, such lows, SO LITTLE SLEEP. I haven't been this level of hollowed out bones tired since Landon was a baby and man does thinking about that dry up the tears I shed yesterday as I packed up Cora's baby clothes to give away. Most of them anyway. Though in this case, I have no one to blame for my exhausted state but myself- me, some air travel, insomnia, and a lack of yoga.

Spoiler alert: Halloween happens in this post

So after my 20 hours in Atlanta, I arrived home with sore dancing feet, happy memories, and about 90 minutes of sleep (I'm incapable of sleeping in planes, cars, and apparently, hotel rooms) to happy kids and a clean house. I hadn't made a weekly menu, but JP had bought general provisions and done laundry, so the week was allowed to begin. Work is extremely busy right now- I have seven active investigations, three that are likely to go before the Commission this quarter, and lots of testimony on the schedule. Landon had a swim meet Monday night- he's in JP's advanced swim class, so usually I just drop him off at the door and then JP takes him home after class, but on Monday I gathered the girls and we all watched together. He did great- his technique has really improved and it was great to see, but man was it crazy trying to keep Cora out of the pool. I move pretty fast and she still almost managed to crawl in four times. Claire made a new friend, a blue eyed blonde haired 4-year-old younger sibling of another swimmer, and they looked like little twins running around the pool deck singing Frozen and coloring. We got home at 7:30, made something (pasta maybe?) and threw the kids in bed.

Last first holiday

By Tuesday night we had a menu and JP had gone shopping, so that was pretty normal, but on Wednesday I had to get up at 4:30 to take a crack of dawn flight to Washington, DC for a meeting. The early flight was mostly my fault- as long as I was headed to DC, I was determined to see one of my best friend's from law school and her beautiful new baby boy. But then my plane got delayed and I had to race off to meet her for only 45 minutes in Union Station, but I did get to see her and I did get to hold her baby, so all was not lost. I changed in the restaurant bathroom from my boots + leggings + tunic traveling uniform into my 3" heels and navy blue dress and pearls and ran to the Director's office for a pre-meeting before the big meeting, and then raced from the big meeting to the airport to catch the last flight home to DFW (changing back into my traveling uniform and making my two bosses I was traveling with temporarily not know who I was, just like a super hero). I pulled up in the driveway at 10 p.m., had a glass of wine for dinner, and lay awake in bed until 2. Testimony prep, settlement calls, and a million years later, it was Friday and time to pick the kids up early for trick-or-treating!

Lunch break: Halloween Carnival with 26 Elsa's at Claire's school!

So my Friday early release and 4:30 p.m. beer while changing the kids into costumes felt VERY well earned. And the kids were SO excited. Cora didn't know why, but she was super excited too. And I was excited to put another baby in a lobster costume. I ordered that costume out of a magazine in Chicago in 2007- it was $24.99 with $7 shipping and that was SO MUCH money for us then to spend on something so unnecessary, but I love it as much today as I did when a LandonLobster roamed the law school hallways.

The kids made up a unique crime fighting trio: Wolverine, Elsa #127, and a CoraLobster.

This picture cracks me up.

Cora too.

JP arrived home from coaching just in time to carve our pumpkin and eat a piece of pizza while walking the kids down the street.

Cora went to two houses and then she and I went back home to pass out candy. She was such a good helper- she kept plastering herself to the glass door and screaming as kids ran up our walkway. When that got old, she resorted to stealing candy from the bowl and then crawling furiously around the house with it. We were still finding candy in random places late in the day on Saturday.

The rest of the weekend has been yard work and playtime and family trips to Target. I'm taking testimony two days this week, heading to an FBI field office, and planning Cora's first birthday party on Sunday. Bring it- this week can't possibly be longer than the last one. Happy November everyone!


  1. Oh baby Landon (seems SO long ago). Yeah totally just looks like you used the same baby for the Claire and Cora photos.

  2. That DOES sound exhausting!! But so fun and full of great things. Where do you find tunics? I have become addicted to leggings and have not found the tops to support my habit!

  3. This insomnia thing has me worried about you. Have you been screened for sleep apnea-had a sleep study and all that ? Getting treated has made such an improvement in my life!

  4. I just love your posts. They're so normal and real and I love knowing what other regular familes do and how they spend their time. Thanks for sharing.