Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm Here! Briefly. Kind of.

Just a placeholder to say, hey!, it's been almost a week since my last post, which is unusually long for me, but I'm here! Kind of. Totally on my way to bed, actually, but here. Things have been busy. Good, but busy with the kids and work and the swim school (omg the swim school emails, I am severely underpaid for my role with that company) and JP and backyard swimming and cooking and barre class and a minor work crisis and more swimming and then Cora discovering we have a dog.

Whaaaaaat, what IS this?

But I want to write. I miss writing. I know it's only been 6 days, but I spent one insomniatic night reading old posts and ended up in 2012 and re-read the posts and comments when JP lost his job and you guys were so wonderful and the virtual support network of this blog was so VITALLY important to me at that time, you really have no idea. Things were so very hard. In fact, one of my second biggest thoughts upon reading it (after, thank god for my kind, comment-writing, support-giving readers) was "wow, I was so restrained!" It was really hard, but we're past it, and I'm so thankful for those who were there then and are still here for the rather boring good stuff I write about now.

So more writing will come. I need to catch up on some sleep, something I'm already failing at seeing as how it's 11:20 p.m., but I do have some answers to the Q&A's, which are always fun and thought-provoking for me to write, some new pictures (spoiler alert: swimming, the kids, and Cora are involved) to post, and some thoughts on daycare and kids and why it's been awesome for us.

In the meantime, here's some proof of life photos from dinner last night:

Cora loves the baby in the phone.

Claire dubbed this a "girls' picture" and she needed to be part of it, obvs.

Then Cora was all, hey, you guys, that phone looks delicious, I'll get it for us, 'kay? I'M ON IT!


My catlike reflexes saved the phone, and Cora rededicated her evening's work to pulling up on my chair and begging for treats.

God, I really don't think it is possible to enjoy a baby more. That she is nearly 9 months old causes me daily heartache and I have never been one to want to linger on the baby times. 

Off to bed, more to come! One day, soon (ish)!


  1. That picture of Cora and Tex is too cute! But how did they never seem to notice each other before?

  2. Cora is looking so like Landon at the same age !

  3. Can I thread jack a little to wave hello to Legally Certifiable. She's now gone to invited readers only - presumably her family became identifiable. Long time lurker, wishing her well. Same to Rebecca at peanutbutterburrito - hope life in NYC is great for you and yours

    It's been a privilege to have a window into the lives of smart, hardworking women like you all (LL I was checking my feed on Monday thinking 'I hope all is well with the LL family, she normally has a post, one day I really have to make vodka cream sauce! )

    1. Hi RJ...jumping on your jack-wagon...I wonder if Bengali Chick is still reading here. She had some troll issues if I recall and stopped blogging or is also privately blogging. If BChick is still reading LL, big Hello! If she's still writing, I'd like to find her someday. And RJ, I agree, it is a privilege!

    2. Just realized there was a shout out to me here. Hello and thank you! We are all doing well in NYC. I miss blogging but don't have the time. Becca and Ben are big and happy (mostly).

  4. Also - went back and looked at the comments you mentioned and had forgotten mine - and how it helped me when I was between jobs at the same time.

  5. Your kiddos are adorable. Love the Cora/Tex connection!

  6. Hey Lagliv, just checking in with you! Its been almost a week since you've posted, very unlike you. Hope everything is okay?

  7. Obviously I am a million years behind on even reading blogs, but I so know the feeling. I think about how much blog comments/emails helped when I was going through bar exam and job search misery, and I truly do miss it. And I have so many awesomely hilarious work stories I would love to share, but I am just so not cool with people I "know" reading the blog. I wish there was a way to filter out people I know and only allow internet strangers to read. Is that weird? Ha.
    Maybe I'll bring it back some day...