Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Three Kids and One Million Leaves

We bought this house in part because of the gorgeous 100+ year old red oak in the front yard. The house was built around it in 1947 and I fell hard for it and all the giant trees that surround our home and neighborhood. Unfortunately, we bought the house in spring when everything is green and gorgeous, never thinking about all the leaves that would be falling out of those trees come fall. I still adore them, but I respect the fact that JP and Landon, our champion rakers, have slightly more conflicted feelings about the trees and all their leaves, though they do manage to have fun with their nemesis once and a while.

Diving in (literally):


Where's Landon?


Dunking Landon, while Claire cries because her tummy is covered/missing/hiding and she wants JP to get it out (just her tummy, interestingly):


The pile grew even bigger and the kids asked if Cora could come play.


She was game.


They are going to have such adventures together when she gets bigger! And maybe she'll pitch in with the raking too.



  1. Aw @ that picture with all three kids in the leaves!

  2. Agreed. Love all the pictures, but especially that Cora got to come "play," too!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

  3. Love the way they are holding their hands as they dive; don't often see thought-out form in leave diving. Bet they learned that in their swim lessons.

  4. Oh, we so feel your leaf pain.

  5. Such a cute family in those leaves! Big winter storm headed your way--lots of snuggle time coming up :) Hilary in MO