Friday, December 6, 2013

Fall, Summer, Winter, Snow

I took classic fall pictures on Sunday, it was in the 80's on Tuesday and Wednesday (Cora and I walked to school to pick up Landon and I almost got sweaty), it dropped 50 degrees yesterday to close out the day at 28 and sleeting, and this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland.

The big kids were THRILLED when they ran into our room at 7 (10 minutes after I finally fell back asleep after Cora's 6 a.m. feeding). They assembled a mismatch of fleece pj's, gloves, last year's ski coat, this year's ski coat, and my consignment store snow boot finds and headed out into the snowy depths.


Tex was a mix of extra frisky confusion as he bounced around in the snow. He didn't know what was going on, but he was excited to be part of it!


The playset was an ice slick, but Landon managed to climb up and "slide" down anyway. Claire refused to go out onto the grass, certain that she would sink "so deep" into the snow. I tried to explain that the ground was still underneath the snow, just as firm as it always was, but she was unconvinced.


Landon dove down for a snow angel. I'm not even sure how he knows what a snow angel is... friends? Curious George's Snowy Day?


We moved to the front yard where Claire got brave enough to run around a bit. We got Cora suited up in her pink fuzzy snow suit (thanks LEO!).


She seemed happy in her cozy suit, but was largely unimpressed by the snow.


Other than her 10 second introduction to snow Cora has spent the day snuggled with one family member or another. The big kids have been kicked outside on multiple occasions to get some energy out and JP spent about 20 minutes chopping big blocks of ice off our pool cover, just like a farmer breaking through his animals' water troughs, except more suburban and he got to sleep in. I've promised hot chocolate and the roasting of marshmallows as an afternoon snack, and I have this Bubble Up Lasagna queued up for dinner, with a glass or three of red wine depending on the indoor behavior of the children. But for now, everyone is on the couch, still in pj's, watching a movie and admiring the bright white light bouncing off the snow outside our big windows. I love our little Texas tastes of real winter, especially when they come around the holidays!

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