Monday, August 19, 2013


This little girl had her first day of school today.


She's in the Transition class now, which is the year between Toddler and Primary at her Montessori school. She LOVES school and was so very excited to wear her new kitty shirt and carry her new kitty lunchbox, and she even let me brush and do her hair for the occasion.


I rejoice in every single day that she gets bigger and funnier and faster and smarter, but I do also love that she's still my baby who wants ten kisses before I leave for work and insists on including her naptime blankie in her first day of school pictures. The "Transition" name of her class this year seems very appropriate.


I also love that the first thing Landon said when I walked in the door with her this evening was, "Claire! How did you like your new Transition class?!" He really wanted to know. And as she put away her shoes and put her lunchbox in its spot on the counter, she cheerfully responded with, "Oh it was so good Yandon!" And then they colored and talked while I made dinner.

This is the two of them before Claire's first day of daycare in Austin.

And now they can sit at our dining room table and talk about their days like real people.

I suppose it's a little bit sad to watch them keep hitting new milestones (Landon starts Kindergarten next week), but mostly it is so incredibly fun to watch them grow into themselves. Claire was a smiley little Biscuit when we dropped her off at school in the Fall of 2010 and now she's tall and lean and talks as fast as she runs. I do love watching the places she'll go. 



  1. I love the stories about the two of them interacting. And you look fantastic!

  2. They have such a sweet friendship! I love it. And I'm with CM - you look great!

  3. Claire looks so sweet - we have a lunch box from that same series! Ours is a giraffe, and Mia likes to point out that is HER YUNCH!