Friday, August 2, 2013

Month 6, Week 25

I am in the middle of my 25th week of pregnancy. I feel like I'm settling in to write some sort of survivor's journal of captivity, but my rational brain knows I can't complain too much. I feel good, other than being tired (I blame the heat) and shorter of temper (sorry loved ones), and my body seems to generally be handling this pregnancy better than the other two. I'm still receiving the weekly progesterone shots and, like last time, those are going fine and have been side-effect free.

Baby girl II/Baby bean III has made big strides this week. My iPhone app tells me she is over a foot long and weighs more than a pound, so I imagine she looks a lot like Claire's one super skinny baby doll that is always peeing on herself. Baby girl also has a name (yay! still working on the middle one), and a birth date (Nov. 12th is the scheduled c-section, assuming she waits until 39 weeks like her well-behaving sister did, and then she'll have an awesome 11/12/13 birth date and perfect timing for Gigi to come and watch her two older siblings). So, progress on all fronts!

Sailor Monday; I'm not sure horizontal stripes are a pregnant woman's friend;
also, from the side, it is even weirder that the pattern doesn't go all the way around

For some strange reason I decided to document this week in maternity wear. I missed the day I wore my favorite dress and another day I wore a different dress that is not my favorite, but Monday, Thursday, and Friday are captured below.

Fancier Thursday; I had a meeting with official people from outside the SEC

According to my check-up last Friday I've gained 12 lbs. At this point in my pregnancies with Landon and Claire I'd gained 20-25. I can't explain the difference, other than to note that I've simply been less hungry this time. Less hungry for cookies, less hungry for hamburgers, just less hungry. We also stopped eating out when JP lost his job and have managed to refrain from picking back up the habit- no longer does the thought of making dinner on Friday night wound my soul, it's just what we do, so that probably helps. I've also done a bit of exercise- nothing crazy, but for whatever (genuinely surprising) reason, I've felt the urge to bust out the prenatal exercise DVDs multiple days a week, and I'm all about giving in to urges while pregnant. The last few weeks I've been too tired and hot (it's 110 today) to contemplate exercise, so I haven't. I'm a fan of the "what will be will be" approach to pregnancy weight gain, but that doesn't mean I'm displeased to find that this time, what will be is perhaps, finally a total within the recommended 25-35 lbs. (I gained 50 with Landon, 45 with Claire; I don't know, I just gain a lot of weight while pregnant, it all seems to go away later.)

Overly Casual Friday; it was effing hot outside

I went to Victoria's Secret today to buy boring panties with my coupons (such a good deal- 6 pairs, usually $10-12/each for $17 total!). Nothing is sadder than roaming around Vickie's Secret 6 months pregnant. When I'm back to fighting form, sometime in 2014, I'm spending some real $$ on some much prettier, far less practical things than what ended up in my shopping bag today.

In other sartorial news, one of JP's clients gave him a sampling of sunglasses she markets and sells. I found them a bit... sparkly for my taste, but the kids loved them and had an impromptu fashion show last night after dinner.


Landon was the creative lead, but Claire provided a lot of enthusiasm. These are the only two pictures where one of them isn't moving and blurry.


Baby III has an extra gaudy pair waiting for her in the wings. She also has the final piece of her nursery in the works- a custom bird pillow from a craftswoman I found on etsy. Finding this wonderful bird pillow creator was the highlight of my Tuesday and picking the size ("small" v. "large") was the torment of my Thursday and it is now underway with a ship date in a few short weeks! I also found some very inexpensive birds at Michael's and I'm going to have the kids paint them this weekend as a gift to put in baby sister's room. And with that, I do believe her nursery will be complete!

Now all she has to do is bake for 14 more weeks while I try to be patient (already, not my strongest suit, I want to meet her!) and not complain too much about what has, so far, been a blessedly uneventful pregnancy.


  1. You look fantastic. I have no idea how much I've gained because I was in such denial about the number I was at before the pregnancy that I've completely forgotten.

    Love the sunglass models!!

  2. The kids are so stinking cute! You look great but I do have to say that I am somewhat relieved that someone else has a decent belly at this point. I was feeling depressed that my 25-week belly is so far out compared to first and second pregnancies (or at least it seems that way). Mine, of course, is much larger than yours. And my clothes much less fashionable (how the hell do you manage heels?!?!?) Still, good to see other noticeable bumps.

    1. Ha, oh yeah, I definitely have a noticeable bump! I think I look the same this time as I did with Claire, but who knows, without my blog posts I'd have no idea how the three compared- I pretty much block the pregnancy phase out completely :). Glad to hear you're doing well- and I saw your picture, you look great!

      (And re: the heels, that particular pair has a built-in platform that helps a lot, but mostly, I'm just used to them. Flat shoes usually cause my feet more problem than heeled ones.)

    2. I've heard that from others, too, about the heels. I think it's cause I wear a 7.5/8 DOUBLE-WIDE shoe and have incredibly high arches but am also 5'9". My height/weight are not compatible with my short shoe-box feet so when you throw the balance off, it's all over. I've been in comfy/semi-stylish flat sandals for a while (husband has been good not to complain about the extra expense!) I know what you mean about the blog posts. I was DEFINITELY blocking some misery from last pregnancy (or glossing over it) until I found a few posts from last time. :( We're almost there, yay!

  3. Damn, you look good. If I looked half as good, I might actually have a second kid. (Well, health concerns aside.) And I love, love, love the pictures of Landon & Claire together.

    Also, what is the secret to wearing heels all the time and still have a back that loves you? I need lessons.