Sunday, June 9, 2013


Some non-birthday non-baby happenings of the last few days.

(1) I finally bit the bullet and bought the rugs we've been missing in the living room, future dining room, and sun room doorway. I also got JP a new desk chair as a much-needed Father's Day present. His current chair was the one I bought for $70 from Office Depot in 2002 when I got my first apartment in college. It has no support, you can feel the bolts when you sit on it, the back is broken so you can't lean back, and it's polyester and hot and sweaty to sit on. JP sits in it for hours a day without complaint; I sit on it once a week or so to use our printer and every time I vow to buy him a new chair no matter how much he protests at spending "unnecessary" money on himself. (He and I have very different definitions of "necessary" when it comes to shopping; he would never own four pairs of black patent pumps, but he does appreciate the effects of my shopping.) Ordering the rugs made me incredibly nervous- they set so much of the tone for the soon-to-be revamped main area of our house, but I've been internet browsing for a year and these have always been my favorites. They're indoor/outdoor with great reviews and very low price tags, how wrong can it go? (Right?) So thank you to JP's swim school for the funding and for the free shipping and awesome prices.

(2) I took off Friday afternoon of work because Claire had her 3-year check-up and I had my first progesterone shot appointment with the home nurse. In between the two I took Landon to the mall to eat lunch and exchange some shoes we'd bought for him. I avoid the mall like the plague and soon realized Landon had never seen a food court before. He kind of lost his mind. He was SO EXCITED and kept exclaiming over all the offerings like someone who's spent his whole life living in a cave. If we ever take that poor boy to Disneyworld one day he's probably going to pass out. He ate a piece of pizza "as big as my head mom! as big as my head!" and got a cookie from Great American Cookie Co. so I could indulge in my sudden, sharp craving for one. I ate a dinky doozie nearly every day of my pregnancy with Claire, and while I won't be doing that again (GAC is no longer across the street from my office building), it was lovely to have one back in my life for a short time.

Hello Lover.

(3) I bought a floor mirror for my closet. Until this point I haven't had a full length mirror anywhere in my house and I decided belly pictures required one. I found a huge beautiful one at Homegoods and after getting help transporting it to check-out and my car, I can now see my full, expanding form every time I step in my closet. The kids love it too. A mirror that can show your whole body at once- what a concept.

16 weeks: regular jeans, maternity top, summer wedges to make me 6' tall

(4) In the spirit of not indulging in Great American Cookie Company every day in this pregnancy, I made a modest dessert involving marshmallows, ritz crackers, and peanut butter. Because peanut butter has protein and crackers are sometimes found in the health food aisle (marshmallows are made of air and thus don't count for anything).


Then I did this to them.


And then I ate 7 (SEVEN) in one too-short nap time afternoon. I sat on the couch in the family room, one of the rooms farthest from the kitchen, with my laptop in my lap, and SEVEN times set aside the laptop, walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge, ate one more ritz, peanut butter, marshmallow, chocolate covered monstrosity, and then went back to the couch, put my laptop back in my lap, reengaged with House Hunters International, only to do that again SIX more times. I also had 2 after dinner. I'm sure the half yoga DVD I did this morning canceled all that out.

(5) We had a long string of storms this morning (poor terrified-of-thunder-Clairebear) ended up sleeping the rest of the morning in the guest bed with her daddy to keep the thunder at bay, but by 11 a.m. the day turned gorgeous. JP is at his pool, the kids and I are at ours, and the weather couldn't be better.


Claire has her beloved bucket of cups and scoops. Landon is doing non-stop water tricks that are sure to send him on a nice long nap this afternoon.


And I'm sitting with my feet up in the shade enjoying the lemonade, wireless internet, and soft breeze.


A perfect Sunday early afternoon.


Soon we head to Landon's first camp to meet the counselors and learn what he'll be doing all week. Both kids will sleep and I'll be slow simmering sauce for lasagna and agonizing over my internet rug choices until the kids wake up and probably go back in the pool until JP comes home. I love summer.

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