Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation Fun

This was a big weekend in the Lag Liv house! We had our sneak preview gender ultrasound on Friday (inconclusive, official u/s is June 28); my parents came to town; Landon graduated pre-K; both kids performed with gusto at the patriotic graduation program; we explored a lake beach in Granbury, went on walks, went shopping, and did a lot of eating and baking; and we hosted (and I cleaned and prepped and baked for) Claire's 3rd birthday party!

We'll take it in pictures. First up, the graduate and his faithful sidekick!


I don't know what those two are going to do without each other in school next year. Good thing Claire will be following just two years behind.

Papa and Gigi drove over Friday morning to join the fun!


We ate at our favorite Mexican place, were joined late by a harried Coach JP, and proceeded to the big program.

Claire had been practicing the toddler song, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!" non-stop for weeks (the other day she was counting something for me and when she got to "3" she immediately busted out with "strikes you're out at the old ball game!"), so we were SO excited to see her perform every word with great enthusiasm.

1, 2, 3, strikes you're out...

Landon was his class performance leader, of course, and sang every word and did every hand motion and flag-wave to perfection. Unlike his sister, he is not a wild card when it comes to school performances.


He also got his diploma and class gift and was so very proud to stand amongst the pre-K graduates.

Family shot!


Papa read the bedtime stories as always. (And read too many, as always.)


On Saturday morning we set out on a walk. Claire in style, of course.


Landon was line leader.


Claire got some help on the last quarter mile.


My parents wanted to check out Granbury, Texas as a potential retirement location (several years away), so we headed that way with the kiddos while JP coached at the pool. At some point in the city's history, they trucked in a bunch of sand from Padre and made a lake beach! Landon jumped right in.


Claire had asked about the beach every 15 seconds all damn day, but when we got there, was decidedly unenthused to learn that it consisted of sand and water.


I feel generally the same way about beaches, and while she never really signed off on the sand situation, she did warm up to the experience when she got to play with Papa and Gigi in the water.


Ah to be young and 35 lbs. again...


We went back home for another round of swimming in a sand-free environment.


Mom and me (and a photobombing Landon).


We had a family celebration for the birthday girl- pizza by the pool, presents, and a movie. There is nothing Claire likes more than being snuggled on the couch with family.


She liked the presents too.


Heels from Gigi, of course.


We did a double-feature of Despicable Me and MegaMind (kids went to bed halfway through Despicable Me, the rest was all grown-ups) and Sunday morning brought party prep, furniture assembly, more party prep, and an explosion of powdered sugar all over my kitchen (don't ever attempt a doubled butter cream frosting recipe in a standard size kitchenaid. It is a mistake and the mess will impress even your 5-year-old.). My parents headed out around 11, the birthday girl was still in pj's (and heels!), and the rainbow cupcake assembly was still underway.

The official bday is tomorrow (3!!), so the Happy Birthday Bear pictures are coming in the next post!


  1. I can't believe you dropped that mention of a sneak peak ultrasound and didn't go on to say what they're predicting! Sad panda. :(

  2. Ditto me! Only I'll be the sad trombone - wah WAAAAAAAAH.

    1. It was only a sneak peak u/s at 16 weeks and was inconclusive- s/he was very coy and is getting his/her own post after the bday one. The real anatomy scan is in another month, so we should definitely know then!

    2. omg I was about to be so mad you mentioned a gender and then didn't tell us! PHEW you're off the hook.

  3. They could not BE any cuter!! Love all your photos! Happy graduation to Landon and happy bday to Claire! :)

  4. HOW are your children so adorable, their cuteness is like practically painful.

    Also, I think Landon's photobomb should be a greeting card of some sort. I laughed HARD.

  5. I love the red/white/blue theme in the preschool graduation. Great pics!