Friday, August 24, 2012

Claire's Swim Lesson, a Commemorative Post

Lesson #12(ish), #3 without any tears.
August 19, 2012, backyard pool with Coach Daddy, full run-through of swim lesson tasks.

First up, monkey arms, the least offensive of the objectives. Use your arms to crawl all the way around the pool's edge while saying "ooh ooh ah ah" the whole way. The "ooh ooh ah ah" is critical.


Give your best cheese face when you see your mom has a camera.


Ignore your brother as he splashes about while waiting for his lesson.


High five Coach Daddy when you get back to where you started.


Use your best "you ask too much" face when he says it's time for Humpty Dumpty. You do not like the Humpty Dumpty.


Attempt to negotiate. "One Dumpy Daddy," you say. "Three Humpty Dumpties," he replies. Say "otay!" and grin like you've won. (We'll attend the negotiation workshop once we've mastered swimming.)


"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great faaaaallllllll." Daddy drops you in the water.


You come to the surface, hands up, find the wall, and grab on.

Dumpies are still not your favorite.


Climb out all by yourself. Elbow, elbow, tummy, knee - out!


Blowing bubbles. You find this drill acceptable.


Time for kicks!


"Will you do it with me daddy?"




Time for the finale- the dreaded float. For weeks every time you've looked at the pool, no matter the weather or time of day, you look us in the eyes and very sternly declare "NO FLOAT," just in case we were getting any ideas.

But now, you are the master of the float. Daddy tosses you in the water, you bring your hands behind your head, tummy up, and wait calmly until you hit the surface. Then you float, at one with the water and the fact we've forced you in it.


On float 3 you sing the ABC's because this float business is now no big deal at all.


You've come a long way baby. Daddy and I expect to be given a lot of credit in your future Olympic bio segment. Dad for the actual coaching and me for the photography (those photo montages don't make themselves) and post-lesson snuggles.


  1. "Dumpy Daddy" cracked me up.
    I need to take swim lessons. :( Does JP do house calls?

  2. When does JP recommend starting swim lessons for little ones? We have thought about starting some basics with Mia, but don't really know how to start.

  3. She is so stinking adorable!!

  4. I was comprehending everything until I got to the kicks. JP's abs distracted me... Goodness, woman, you are a lucky lady. :)

  5. I'm very impressed by what Claire can do already!!

  6. Kicks? There were kicks? Damm, I knew I missed something ... :D