Monday, August 6, 2012

Barbershop Trio

3/4 of our family went in for a haircut yesterday morning. Usually Landon and JP go in for a buzz and a beard trim every 6 weeks or so, but on Sunday we made it a family affair so Claire could get her little mop topped trimmed for the very first time. We went to Great Clips, home of the $9.99 haircut and the $2.00 coupon on the back of the grocery store receipt. JP clips those things like they're gold; hard to believe that when I met the man he'd never been inside a Wal-Mart.

We weren't sure how Claire would handle this inaugural snipping of her hair, so Landon volunteered to go first. As he has since his very first haircut, he sat, got clipped, and bounced out of the chair with a smile. Ta da!


The Bear on the other hand was highly skeptical. I sat her on the chair and she cried.


It was a pathetic sound, but it wasn't all that loud and it didn't bother the woman holding the scissors one bit.



We tried to distract Claire by giving her a lollipop, but she found that putting it in her mouth interrupted the crying, so she used it to wipe her eyes instead.


Every now and then she'd stop crying,




only to remember she was under attack and pick it back up again.


Twelve minutes later, and she was done. We sprung her from the chair and she instantly morphed back into her feisty charming self. She started saying "cheese" before I even lifted the camera for her "after" shot. No hair in the eyes any more!


Three new hair cuts!


Mine is next- it's been months (seasons, even), but I want to do something with a grown-up, professional, but still sexy cute vibe and I have absolutely no idea what that would be, so messy buns and boring straightness will have to suffice until inspiration strikes. I wonder if I'll get a lollipop.


  1. Nice. And LOL at JP's ever present orange shorts. :)

  2. They're both so freaking cute!

    (Pea cried every time until the last haircut, right before she turned 5. Hoping Claire takes after Landon!)

  3. Your kids look adorable with their new haircuts.

    lololol Your husband's grin in the mirror is priceless.

  4. I believe Abby's first cut was at around 6 months, if I remember right. She was born with about 3 inches! She has had about 10 haircuts in her short 3 years, and she still cries every time! Landon looks cute with a buzz, btw, and Claire is always so dang adorable!

  5. B occasionally demands a good facebook/internet stalking session of other kids (Pictures, BABY pictures on mama computer! Right. Now!) Tonight we looked through some of your photos here and his overall response?

    Girl. Claire. Like Claire. Hug! (followed by demands to see more pictures of Claire, much admiring of Claire's sunglasses.)
    Boy name? Landon. Benny eat Landon chocolate donut!

    I... don't really have an explanation for this except to say that Claire and B will probably get along like gangbusters if they ever meet, and Landon better watch out for his chocolate donuts.

    1. I love the mental picture this gave me of your little facebook stalker :) And I think all three would get along great, we'll just pick up an extra dozen donuts.

  6. Angled bob! Angled bob! Angled bob!

    Yesssssss do itttttttt.

    (Warning: I know nothing about hair.)

  7. While it was SUPER nice for Landon to volunteer to go first, I'm betting Claire was worried that she was the next one up for a buzz cut. I've gathered that she is a smart little cookie and probably reckoned that a buzz would not compliment her girly wardrobe! They are both so cute.

  8. We had a first haircut this weekend too! It looks like Mia had a very similar reaction to Claire's. Doubt at first, screaming, then perfectly happy for the after picture!

  9. Very cute haircuts! The pictures of Claire are priceless.

    I have three boys, and I have started using a clipper and buzzing their hair myself. It takes all of five minutes per kid and costs nothing after the initial $20 investment for clippers. I can even do my husband now--it's decent looking, maybe not the greatest haircut, but hey, free means more money for to spend on shoes! :)

  10. If you discover such a haircut, please share! I've been trying to find one just like that too. I hope they exist :)