Sunday, April 22, 2012

PapaGigi Visit! (extra illustrated)

My parents came to visit this weekend. Their flights were a total debacle- delayed two hours on Friday, delayed, canceled, delayed four hours this afternoon, but the actual visit was wonderful.

Roger the Contractor and his team of merry men stayed until 10 p.m. Friday night to finish up the bulk of the projects. I followed him around, cleaning like crazy, while JP picked up my parents from the airport. We got a sitter and took them out for a very late dinner (thanks to their very delayed flight) at one of our favorite restaurants, arriving home just before midnight- easily the latest we've ever been out since having children. My poor mom was exhausted (she gets up at 3:45 a.m. on school days), but the food was fast and delicious and it was lovely to have a dinner with just the grown-ups. Another first since we had Landon.

Saturday was perfect. The weather, the activities, the non-activities, the kids... just everything. My parents love our house and the neighborhood (my dad said it reminds him of Beverly Hills; that might have been overly kind, but there's no doubt he loved it) and we had 2 out of 3 bathrooms fully functional! I took my parents on a tour of the area, downtown, and my office. There's a rope play gym in the plaza in front of my building where Claire continued her quest to prove she can do anything Landon can do.

We took a multi-generational trip to Lowe's (because we can't let a weekend go by without a visit or three there). The kids stripped and swam about 3 different times. There was a lot of relaxing, laughing, napping, and even a quick shopping trip with my mom. Quickly followed by more relaxing.

We took an evening trip to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards. You can't tell in the picture below, because JP doesn't understand how important it is to show footwear in a photo, but I'm wearing some pretty fabulous cowboy boots with my jean shorts. When in Rome.

Doesn't JP look fabulous in a pearl-button shirt and boots? That man was meant to live in Texas.

Claire loved the stockyards (and loved all the other people who loved her in the stockyards) and made sure to say "Neigh" to every horse we saw. Including every picture of a horse.

Papa and Gigi and grand kids on a large metal spur. Because it's Fort Worth.

This picture makes us fear for her college days.

Seriously. But our BBQ dinner was delicious!

My dad read to Landon. It was supposed to be one chapter because it was so late, but he read three instead. Because he's the Papa.

Today we went on our usual 2.5 mile walk all around the neighborhood and local parks. Then there was swimming and then pizza. Delicious delicious pizza. Then a stop at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Which are AWESOME. There is a lot of water, also, a rock mountain. It is Landon's favorite place in Fort Worth besides his school and our own backyard.

It was a really wonderful weekend. We don't get to see my parents enough, thanks to the distance between our cities and the fact that all four adults involved work full-time, but it makes the time extra special when we do.


  1. So much fun! One thing I really miss now that we live in town with my parents is having long weekends together. We don't get to hang out at our house just relaxing like we used to when they stayed with is in Lubbock.

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I don't know Texas geography at all, so I didn't realize that you are now a flight away from your parents as opposed to a long-ish drive. Can't wait to see the updated pics of your home! I'm sure it's gorgeous (and totally like Beverly Hills)! ;)

    1. It's a toss-up. The drive is about 5 hours, which isn't terrible, but with them both working all week, they knew they couldn't drive late Friday night- my mom would be too tired and my dad is still a nervous driver after his car accident. And then if they left Saturday morning they would lose half the day in transit (and same for Sunday), leaving them about 20 hours with us. If it was a 3-day weekend, I think they'd drive (and we'll drive when we go see them), but they found some cheap tickets and it gave us a few precious extra hours together :)

  3. The photo of Claire with the wine glass made me laugh out loud. Just precious. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Is there any way Gigi would tell us where she got the adorable dress from the spur picture? It's just lovely and now I need one rightnow rightnow!

    1. Ross baby. It's where Gigi finds 90% of her wardrobe. (But I swear she has magical powers there- I look at a rack and see nothing, she looks at the same rack and ends up with an arm full of fabulous dresses for $9.99).

  5. I've noticed in other pictures; your mom is beautiful, and doesn't look at all like she's old enough to be a Gigi. You're lucky to have good genes.

  6. That last photo of Landon climbing what looks like a really steep stairs structure makes me nervous!!!!

  7. Love Claire's dress. Its reasons like that I hope my second one is a girl! Her clothes are always amazing!