Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Different

Every single muscle in my body is aching, I have dirt under all of my fingernails, and I've been wearing the same yoga pants for about 3 days, but we got SO MUCH done this weekend. And we did it with cold temps and intermittent rain, JP working for several hours each day, and both kids running around underfoot (poor things, Landon announced on Sunday afternoon, "mommy we haven't done even ONE fun thing today" and we crashed our neighbor's Super Bowl party at 6:30 when we realized (1) the superbowl was on and (2) we had absolutely no food in the house, not even milk and butter to enable us to make an unhealthy meal of kraft mac and cheese). We have a few final projects (I'm "working" from home today to do them) and hopefully we can be listed by the end of the week.

But none of that is very interesting. Getting a house ready to sell just kind of sucks (I'm totally questioning the merits of home ownership- having just paid my enormous property taxes and now trying to move, I feel it might be overrated), but it's so dominant in my mind that it's hard to think of anything else to write about. So I thought I'd put it to you- anything you want to hear about? Besides fascinating updates about the scrubbing of base boards, of course. Any stories I never finished or other burning questions I've left unanswered? I did this once before, about 3 years ago, and got some great questions. I answered a few, but then got overwhelmed by how much I had to say about others that I never got back to them. This time, I'm limiting myself to a paragraph or less in hopes that I'll address them all, so ask away.

My yoga pants and I are getting back to the scrubbing of baseboards- I look forward to not writing about that tomorrow.


  1. Ohh! I love it when you do this.

    * I'd be curious to know more re: your formerly quasi-alcoholic relative - is she still doing as well?

    * How is your sister's puppy?

    * Do you think you'll have better work/life balance at SEC? it is a litigation-type practice?

    * did your mom finish her masters or whatever degree she was working on?

    * have your ILs taken further steps? did you tell them re the move?

    * how did JP manage to get to work remotely? that is so cool!

    * how did (!) you deal with some of the crappy aspects of junior associate life?

    * when is your next girls weekend with your law school friends? did the one in NYC who was dealing with a mean partner get out from under that partner?

  2. I know this is a sensitive topic, so feel free to ignore this question. How have you handled "the nightmare" with respect to your job search and background investigation? Is it something you had to disclose, and if so, how did you present the issue?

    Also, any steps toward writing a book? I would definitely buy a copy! :)

  3. i just got into med school and am a long-time reader of your blog. i'm very curious about how you maintained a healthy relationship with JP while completing your rigorous law school coursework!

  4. Hi lagliv,!
    Burning question: why did you and jp break up in college? I've always wanted to know, because your relationship serves as a great example for marriage, and the fact that you went through a difficult patch but managed to stay together and have such a great marriage is a true testament!

    I also want to know about your gay best friend, r u still friends? Is he in a relationship?

  5. I am also a long-time reader and would totally buy your book if you wrote one!
    I'm with Anonymous #1 regarding the in-laws...what is their deal? It's such a tough, yet sad situation (they are the ones losing out on their amazing grandchildren!).

  6. This might be too personal, but just wondering how your relationship is going with your in-laws? Have you spoke with them? Have the met Claire? Do they know you're moving?

    I guess I'm just a bit curious because I too have a strained relationship with both of my parents (no contact with my father at all).

  7. I second: how did (!) you deal with some of the crappy aspects of junior associate life?

    And also, if you havea ny tips on getting baseboards clean! We are not moving but the baseboards in my house are my nemesis.

  8. Oh and I have to add one more. I know you might not have a time for a full RRA post (was that the acronym?) but if you had a top 3 either series or individual books as must-reads, what would they be? I have gone back and looked but I am always overwhelmed by how many books are listed. I am only recently discovering the genre, I used to read a lot of non-fiction but of course now I read contracts all day so I need ESCAPE.

  9. What is your system (or there lackof) for budgeting/managing household finances? You seem to be so on top of meal planning and household organization that I'm thinking your finances are equally in order.

    I'm also generally curious about your school debt repayment progress, but I understand if that is too private.

  10. Tell me more about your siblings. Then . . .now . . . whatever.

  11. Would love to know a little more about how you approached partners when you were looking to publish an article to help fill in your resume. I would like to take this sort of initiative, but as a brand new second year, I'm not sure whether I'm seasoned enough to initiate this without getting laughed at/dismissed out of hand. Did you come up with the article topic and present it to partners? Or did you just offer a hand in research and writing?

  12. Is your new job with the SEC or is that an acronym for a different firm? Now I'm confused.

  13. I want to hear about how you (mostly) managed to maintain a good work/life balance at a large firm. I realize that you've posted a lot about this over the past few years, but what are you top tips for a new associate going in re: setting boundaries, saying "no" to too much work (can you even say "no?"), establishing good working relationships with other associates and partners? I'm finishing up a 2 year clerkship this year and going to a big firm in Houston. And I'm a little scared. Also, is one of the reasons you are going to the SEC because you burned out at the firm and/or just didn't want to put in the hours anymore?

  14. I also would love to hear more about any progress or lack thereof with the in laws, if you are willing to share anything about that.

  15. Hi LL! I would also love to hear more about the break up in college. Did you always know JP was the "One"? How did you work it out then and how do you maintain such a wonderful relationship now? Any secrets? :)

    Also, any suggestions on how to stay on top of things? I've been a long time reader (pretty much since the very beginning), and have always been impressed by your energy and ability to succeed while juggling so many things at ones.


  16. Do you think you'll do more fashion blogging?

    I know you're really busy but have you read APracticalWedding, and it's Reclaiming Wife pages? It's smart, feminist and edgy and I think you'd like Meg's drive and smarts.

    She's coming to Austin tomorrow too!

  17. Hey LL, love all of the other questions so far. I know a lot of people have asked about your in laws and I'm with them, don't share if its too personal, but I have issues with my FIL and I was wondering specifically how you deal with them in regards to JP. My hubby gets so down about their relationship and the relationship between me and my FIL. Anything in particular that soothes JP's hurt feelings or helps take his mind off of it? Just wondering if there was anything in particular that you do to comfort him.
    Also, I was wondering about your book also, did you ever decided whether you were doing it or not?
    I would love to know how you find the time to meal plan and keep things cleaned up around your place, you seem so organized. I don't have kids but I am very sick and it is hard to get things done to prep for our week. Thanks!

  18. All of these questions above are good ones!

    You talked before about how you want to move and live in many more places. Do you still feel this way, or is moving to Fort Worth for your dream job a permanent move?

    What will you miss most about working at a big law firm (besides the pay)? And what will you miss the least?

    What will you do for childcare when Landon is in Kindergarten? I imagine drop off and pick up would be during business hours, so will you have a babysitter help or can JP do that since he'll be working from home?

  19. How did your parents shape and direct you as you were growing up -- and is your parenting style similar? How is it different? To what extent do you credit your upbringing with your success?


  20. all great questions. SEC is the Securities & Exchange Commission

  21. I have a random question - I hope its not too late! What cleaner do you use to clean your granite countertops? In your pics you just posted of your house - they look so shiny! I have searching for the perfect cleaner for forever.