Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Bear, 20 months

So, about the Bear- it's been a while- she's 20.5 months old and she is AWESOME. She is crazy and fierce and feisty and fabulous.

She is both our honey badger and little snuggle bug.

She gives delicious hugs and loves to sit in our laps and watch movies.

She steals my iPhone from even the best hiding spots and then walks around the house, pressing buttons and holding it up to her ear. She takes Landon's iXL game and plays with it until we make her stop.

She doesn't like to be told no, but she follows directions beautifully.

She loves music, loves to dance, loves to stomp around outside, and loves books most of all.

Actually, she loves being with us most of all. For all her independence, she would (and does) follow Landon anywhere, she adores her daddy, and she squeals and runs into my arms when I pick her up at daycare.

JP and I spend much of our evenings watching her race around the house, alternatively loving on and purposefully needling Landon, in between bouts of independent book reading, and the occasional drive-by hug around the legs for one of us. And every time we tear our eyes away from her and make eye contact with each other, we laugh. We laugh and we marvel at this crazy, awesome, wonderful little creature we've made. In twenty months she's gone from being a Biscuit to a Bear, she's now laughs maniacally instead of smiling reflexively and sometimes we're pretty sure she's plotting the hostile takeover of our whole family unit, but then I go up to her crib and night and tuck her back under the covers that are thrown about her bed and I see my little baby girl with her chubby wrists and cheeks and I just can't believe there was a time that she wasn't part of our family. We are so blessed.


  1. That girl is FIERCE! I love it. Those pigtails kill me! And her little boots--you have a shoe collection rival right there!

  2. Honey Badger doesn't care! She's adorable.

  3. Gosh she is cuuuute!