Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Summer Vacation

Three weeks ago, when JP and I were both working way too much, I decided that our plan to forego a family vacation in order to spend money solely on our high-interest grad school debt was a terrible idea. This revelation came to me at 1 a.m. and by 1:30 a.m. we had a condo booked for two nights in Galveston. It's not exotic, but I didn't want to waste much time traveling (4 hour drive), didn't want to do much research (I'd stayed there when I was a kid), and didn't want to spend much money (only 2 nights and bringing all our own food). Landon was thrilled and JP and I were getting pretty excited ourselves.

A week later JP found out he absolutely couldn't miss work that Monday. That stunk, but we decided to take two cars so the kids and I could stay the 2nd night (the condo had a 2 night minimum with no refunds). We remained doggedly excited. The four co-workers who sit closest to me in the office had returned from their fabulous destination- Italy, France, Colorado, and Disneyworld, so I was even more determined that our sad little vacation was going to be FUN.

And it was, until right now. It's 10pm on my solo 2nd night, and Landon is awake in his room watching a movie after crying FOREVER (it blew his mind to see a bedroom with a TV in it; a way bigger shock than the giant freaking ocean out his window), Claire is in my bed sleeping fitfully (a first for both of us; she usually sleeps like a rock and I've never had one of my kids in my bed before), and I'm thinking we should have taken one car, left today, and eaten the cost of the condo. I don't think my kids have ever fought sleep this much. I'm so tired (stayed up way too late the last two nights reading) and they're both in that hellish wakeful, yet exhausted and very tearful place.

--- 45 minutes later ---

And now it's 10:45. I found Landon watching the credits of Toy Story at 10:15; apparently he's like his mama and can't fall asleep during movies. He's now calm and quiet and hopefully drifting to sleep in his room. Claire, after waking up every 5 minutes to cry and attempt to stand up in my very tall bed, is now calm and quiet and hopefully asleep in her pack-and-play in the 2nd bathroom. Back when JP said he'd have to head back Sunday, I'd thought, well, we'll miss you, but I'll just spend my Sunday night leisurely sipping a glass of wine and writing a blog post about our trip as I listen to the waves crash on the beach. Ha, no.

But up until 8 pm today, our vacation had been going so well. We planned nothing out in advance, and but for a 90 minute, $3 sojourn around the Strand this morning (Landon got a mood ring), we've either been on the beach, at the pool, or playing on the balcony looking out at the beach. I still hate salt water and think of sand as my personal nemesis, but I'd forgotten how much I loved a good ocean breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

And now my kids truly are asleep and I must follow, so here's My Summer Vacation in pictures and 40 words or less:


and frolicking,


and swimming,

working (constantly, poor JP)

and exploring,

breakfast and cartoons in bed,

wave watching.

and lots and lots of precious time spent together:

(making it all so worth it.)


  1. That looks awesome! We've been wanting to visit Galveston too. And I totally hear you on the not sleeping. We all got up at 4:30 today. Spectacular.

  2. Looks like a blast! No matter how much debt I need to pay off, about 2 years ago I had the epiphany that vacations wtih the kids were worth every penny. I ended up booking a WDW trip and it is so amazing to just BE with the kids. BTW, I had to chuckle at your evening from hell. That's a typical night at my house! I usually have 2 "big" kids stubbornly refusing to go to sleep (reading and/or talking instead, no TV) and my baby sleeps with me every night.

  3. It looks like you had a awesome time and so worth it despite the little mishap with the kids not wanting to go to sleep. Certainly looks like the fun and relaxtion was well worth the trip.

  4. I got a little teary-eyed on that last pic. SO cute.

  5. Ugh about the sleep! My kid does not sleep well when we travel so I feel you on that! Glad you had a good time though.

    Ps, you should be rocking a bikini!

  6. Great pics! If it makes you feel better, my just-turned-4 year old almost never goes to sleep before 10:30. I'm perpetually tired. :)