Monday, July 25, 2011

Lunch Break

My 10-year high school reunion is this Saturday. I knew it was coming, but was still surprised this morning when I realized that July 30th was only 5 days away. The dress is "cocktail attire," and while I have a lot of lovely work dresses, I wasn't happy with my few rather worn cocktail dresses. I tried on the one I wore to my firm's "prom" back in 2008, but I couldn't zip it up more than 2 inches past the waist. It's probably good that I can't fit in to something that was skin tight even at my unhealthy post-Bar skinniest, but it was still a depressing moment.

So I decided to give myself 60 minutes out of the office today at lunch to find a new dress. I found this one in 10 and I LOVE it.

Ten minutes after that, I found these shoes. I love them even more than the dress (and only 2 units of love less than I love my rainbow shoes).

Are they not 4.5 inches of fabulous? (and way better than the shoes they put on the dress model above?)

I am suddenly VERY excited about this reunion. I'm making JP go because I figure anything without kids can be called a date night, even if 100+ other people are going to be there. Plus, he's hot and I want to show him off. (I should really make him read this blog every now and then, I say such nice things.) And, since I've decided the only thing that can make my dress look better is a glass of champagne, he's going to be my designated driver.

I tried on my dress and shoes when I got home from work today. Landon clapped and told me I looked like a princess, Claire was unimpressed, and JP just stared. Success! And I can wear the whole ensemble to the annual firm formal this fall AND to my friend's black tie wedding in the spring. And I don't need any jewelry besides a pair of gunmetal grey studs I already own! It was one of my most productive lunch breaks ever- forty minutes after leaving work I was on my way back with a dress, shoes, and to-go bag of tacos (the dress and shoes, while lovely, were not filling) feeling giddy with my post-shopping high. A high which was soon crushed by a mountain of work and depo prep and emails.

On an entirely unrelated note, I finally picked up the video camera when Claire and Landon were playing with the dump truck. I feel like it captures both the adorableness of the two of them together, and also shows how they restore my soul. Work is crazy and JP and I are still figuring out this new life we're living, but when we sit down to dinner together as a family or when I hear the kids giggle and shriek together, the shot of happiness I get keeps things feeling more balanced than they really are.

I can't watch that video without laughing. And watching it, with my two children playing in the house my husband and I bought together, makes high school feel a whole lot further away than just 10 years!


  1. BLAST OFF! How freaking cute!!!

    And that dress + those shoes = amazing. Pure amazing.

  2. You're right, I couldn't watch that video without laughing either! And that was even without the benefit of sound - yup, I have a soundless computer.

  3. 1. I LOVE those shoes!
    2. I also love Claire's squeaks! Ridiculously cute.
    3. I am super impressed by Landon's counting backwards, and am highly entertained that he starts from 7.

    Have fun at your reunion!

  4. Reunions in the summer? That's a new one for me. I'm more accustomed to the fall homecoming time reunions. Anyway, you're going to look amazing! Dress and shoes are to die for. Have a great time!

    I skipped my 10 year; couldn't face the crowd until my 20th. However I would not pass up a date night ever!!!

    That video is priceless.

  5. You are going to be HOT in that dress! Ten-year reunions are funny-- you will see who "peaked" in HS, who spent too much time at the beach, people desperate to show off, the the "nice girls" who ended up with the best guys. Twenty was entirely different-- people were comfortable in their skins, and showing off kid pics. At twenty we had people pregnant and people who were grandparents. I had a new baby. I enjoyed 20 much more. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  6. OMG they are sooooo adorable. That is hysterical.

    Love the dress and shoes. The shoes look amazing on you and I bet the dress does too!

  7. Love the dress.
    Love the shoes.
    ADORE the video, even though, for some strange reason, I couldn't get the audio, so I only watched, not heard, it. And yet it made me smile ... and laugh.
    This, my friend, is what life is about. The small moments that are so much larger than small.
    The moments that we notice, and are blessed enough to capture, either in our minds, or better, with our cameras. :)
    You can not be there at all times. Even if you stayed home, you could not "be there" at all times.
    Life IS what you make it.
    The good. The bad. The awesome. The tragic. The wonderful. The horrific.
    It's all life.
    Enjoy it all .... when you can, while you can.
    One breath at a time.