Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Message from Biscuit

Hi guys! I'm the Biscuit.

I know, it's a totally ridiculous name, I take no responsibility for it. See my mom calls me Clairebear, which sometimes gets shortened to C-Bear, which one night my dad turned into Sea Biscuit, which immediately got shortened to Biscuit. And the Biscuit stuck.

Things are going well here. It's Family Camp this week because my big brother's daycare is closed to prepare for the new school year. He's super excited about his new classroom and EXTREMELY excited that I will soon be going to his daycay too. I'm not so sure about it- I mean, I have no doubts about my ability to woo my teachers, I'm completely adorable.

But I'm also having so much fun just hanging out with my mom all day. We spend lots of time staring at each other and smiling- huge smiles. Seriously, you should see how ridiculous my mom gets when I smile at her, it's really kind of embarrassing. But I keep smiling at her anyway because it's funny to watch her coo and squeal like that. That, and smiling itself is super fun- it's a workout for my giant cheeks and triple chin.

Did my mom tell you that I'm an awesome sleeper? Because I am. I mean I still have the milk protein allergy and the reflux just so my parents don't take me for granted or anything, but I sleep for nearly 10 hours every night and I wake up so HAPPY. My mommy or daddy pick me up and I'm like, "OH HAI!! IT'S SO GREAT TO SEE YOU!!" Because I like those two crazy kids an awful lot.

Do you know who else I like? My big brother. I save my biggest and longest smile marathons for him. He likes to touch my feet and rub my head and kiss my cheek and pretty much just be near me all the time. I'm like his mascot, it's awesome. The other day when I cried for an entire TWO minutes because my parents were doing something frivolous like making dinner and couldn't attend to me immediately, my big brother lined my play mat with his four beloved animals (Puppy, Ducky, Loon, and Teddy), and four of his biggest most special trucks. It didn't actually help my situation (my diaper was a teensy big wet and I REALLY don't like that), but my parents thought it was really sweet.

Well, that's it. I just wanted to say hi and lodge a formal complaint against my ridiculous nickname. I'll try to come back again in the future to keep you all informed about what's really going on around here, but I gotta admit that right now I'm one happy baby. If only my mom would stop making that annoying "nom nom" sound while pretending to eat my cheeks. I mean really, they're not food and it robs me of my natural dignity.

With love and biscuits,


  1. Biscuit is just too cute

  2. One of the cutest biscuits I've ever seen!

  3. Biscuit is a hilarious and adorable nickname. My Abigail had that same pink ladybug outfit. It was one of my favorites!

  4. I called my oldest son (almost 5) silly beans...which got shortened to beans. I'm the only one that calls him that and I'm sure everyone thinks I'm crazy. It also morphed into beanie weanie and beans da weans...I know, ridiculous. My husband called our youngest (16 months) Bubba cuz he was a big boy...I call him Bubby and that morphs into Bubby Boo. Why do we do this?

  5. She is too, too cute. Love the post.

  6. She is changing and growing so fast. Cute!!!