Monday, August 23, 2010

Better than Christmas

Or at least almost as good as Christmas-- the first day of school! When I was little I counted down to the first day for weeks- the special new school outfits, the school supplies, the pencils that hadn't yet been sharpened! I almost got teary in Target the other day just looking at the brightly colored school supply aisles. (Side story: my mom and dad took a trip to Office Max a few years ago and my mom later told me that my dad got a little choked up as he said, "I was just thinking how much [LL] loves this stuff." Pens and binders- closer to the emotions than you'd think). Anyway, today was the first day for Texas public school kids and my own daycay kids.

I can't believe it was a full year ago when we started at Neighborhood Center. Switching to that Center was one of the best parenting decisions we've made so far- I'd say that, and being super strict when it comes to discipline and behavior with Landon, are the two most critical things to our overall happiness and the ease of our life. My favorite thing about NC is just how warm and friendly it feels. The walls are bright and colorful and the teachers are so smiley. It's small enough that the teachers get to know kids outside of their own classes- we walk down the main hall with Landon and I swear every single person knows him. It makes him feel like a rock star- a happy, bouncy, rock star.

(Lanman with his Spiderman lunch box and Spiderman big wheel that simply HAD to be in the picture)

Today was Claire's first day too. I had set up a lunch with one of the partners I work for, and I had a few errands to run, so we decided to make today a part-time trial run. We toured her classroom at the open house last Friday and really like it. There are 8 babies, four between 6-10 months and four between 3-6 months, and 3 teachers. Two of the teachers have been there for 13 years each- they loooove their babies! I handed Claire over to the lead teacher when we walk in and the Biscuit gave her a huge smile.

Clairebear picked out a pretty pink lunch box

I wasn't emotional about dropping her off- I'm not back at work yet and knew I could pick her up any time I wanted, plus I know she's perfectly happy there, but I do miss her WAY more than I expected. With Landon, dropping him off at Maya's that first time made me want to cry with relief- I needed that break, but with Claire, everything has been so stress-free that all I felt was a little sadness that I'd miss some of her smiles. I'm running to the gym now (I finally got motivated when I realized how much it would cost to buy all new work clothes; exercising and not eating cookies is much cheaper, even if way less fun), but then I'm very excited to go pick her back up.


Oh man, that picture makes me want to skip the gym and go get her now.

Trying to survive Sunday's 104 degree high

That one does too. I'm never going to fit into those clothes.


  1. I want to gobble that belly! She is so dang cute. Landon looks so proud of his lunchbox and bike!

    Cute cute cute!!

  2. I've been lurking on your blog for a long time (since you were still in law school and Landon was a little baby) and this is my first reply. I love hearing about how you balance your family and career, and I hope that I will be able to do the same - I am about to start my third year of law school and am expecting my first child in December.

    Anyways, you mentioned how you are super strict regarding discipline and behavior with Landon. If you are open to sharing, I'd love to read a post about your discipline/behavior strategies. My husband and I have both said that we plan to be pretty strict with discipline with our child(ren), and it would be great to hear some specifics about what you and JP do.

    Thanks again for all you share on your blog. As a soon-to-be law student mom, I really appreciate it!

  3. Delurking to say that for a moment, I didn't realize that Claire was on the table in the second pic, and thought she was on the floor - so in the same perspective as Landon, and looked about his size - and thought, DAMN, that is a big baby! Then I got a clue. But it was amusing!

    And she has such amazingly delicious pudginess!!

  4. Haha New Kid that made me laugh, though she really is a big baby!

    And Liz, I've been thinking about writing a post like that but was worried about setting the right tone of "this is what we do, I'm not saying it's what you should do," but I think I'll do it. If anything it will be a reminder for me when we hit this age with Claire.

    And just as a general fyi, I did make myself go to the gym and was APPALLED to find out how out of shape I am. It was so depressing I almost quit, but then I decided it was just appalling enough to still be more motivating than defeatist. I stayed for an hour and then picked up Clairebear. She had a great day :) (her big brother did too).

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even take how cute both of them are! And I think Landon is looking a lot more like you, especially in the top picture.

    Claire is going to make some great friends with all those babies at daycare. Timmy will be in the infant/toddler room at his school when he starts, so I hope he's as good with/interested in the babies as Landon is!

  6. I notice you seem to be calling her Biscuit more now. Sure, it's cute but I just love Claire Bear. In fact, I was watching something on TV the other day and one of the characters was named Claire ... everytime someone said on the show said "Claire", I responded with "Claire Bear". LOL

    You really must stick with Claire Bear before Biscuit creeps in and compeletely takes over the munchkin. :D

  7. Haha, I call her Clairebear 90% of the time- that's her snuggly, sweet name. Biscuit is reserved for moments of cute exclamation, like when she's looking at you all excited and waving her arms with a huge smile and you just can't help but think, "BISCUIT!"

    And then every now and then I call her Claire and think about how much I really do like that name :)

  8. I second Liz's request for a post on discipline. Landon always seems so happy-go-lucky that I've wondered if he even requires discipline!

  9. I'd also love to hear a post on discipline!