Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Tuesday

I was going to write this post yesterday, but ran out of time during the day and then fell asleep very early last night. So now it's titled Happy Tuesday, but most of the happiness is carry-over from Monday. Monday was happy because:

(1.) I have a pretty new set of Pilot G2 pens from Costco. Writing in magenta or burgundy makes editing your memo for the fifth (or fifteenth) time so much more fun.

(2.) My nausea is gone. Completely gone. I can even skip breakfast again like I used to! (I don't of course because I'm pregnant and I delight in my extra calorie needs, but I can. I can wake up and think about how tired I am rather than how quickly I need to shove some sort of food product in my mouth before I throw up. I can brush my teeth and get ready and then eat with a plate like a civilized person. It's delightful.)

(3.) I attended Landon's first parent-teacher conference at New Center yesterday and came away wanting to hug my child to death and cry because every day he gets a teensy bit older and this age is SO PERFECT that I want to stay here forever. Needless to say, the conference went great. The teacher said he is very sweet and smart and fun and the other kids love him. My favorite part was when she said that when another kid is hurt or sad (like at drop-off in the morning) Landon will walk over and give them a pat. My two-year-old has empathy. I don't think JP learned that skill until his early 20's. She also showed me a slidehow of pictures and several video clips and it was so fun to get a view into his little world. There's three little girls who follow him around and do whatever he's doing. My favorite picture was of him feeding a baby doll a bottle in the family center with his three lady friends next to him. She remarked on how mellow and easy going he is and said he's a "favorite friend" of the other kids- especially those assertive girls :)

I think one of the things you worry about most in sending your child out into the world (even if the "world" is a daycare classroom) is that other people won't appreciate what an amazing, special little person he or she is. And what I love most about his new teacher is that she seems to truly love her job and her toddlers. She picked up on so many little nuances of Landon that I can tell she's paying attention and really interracting with him (and I know she does this with all the other kids too- she smiles so much when she talks about them). I loved hearing her describe my little guy and I kept nodding along and laughing as we talked about his mannerisms and favorite things. It was a great 30 minutes and I'm so glad he's thriving at the New Center - he loves it there and we love that he's now verbal enough to tell us something about his day and bring home new words and phrases.

In not-as-happy news, we finally told my in-laws I'm pregnant (through a very cute frame with Landon in his "big brother" shirt and the ultrasound photo, which I decorated to say "Surprise!" at the top, "oh baby" on the sides, and "due in June" on the bottom) and she said, "Oh, I thought you looked pregnant when you were here in September!" I wasn't pregnant when I was there in September. Awesome.


  1. I do NOT understand your mother-in-law. You: Thin. So confused.

  2. In laws, what can you say?

  3. Days after giving birth (and by days, I mean like 5) my MIL pointed to my stomach and asked if they "left another kid in there." I just stared at her and walked off and honestly, at 6 weeks later have still not forgiven her.

    It is important to note she is obese. I, am not and never have been.

  4. Wishful thinking on her part? It sounds like she's the sort of person whose maternal instincts and energy were set to raise a dozen kids, and got super-concentrated on JP.

    Lately I've been envying the assertiveness and ability to be selfish (in a good way, sometimes) that only children have. They seem to be able to stand up for what they want much more, never having to people-please to get attention like we oldest children do!

    I think it comes from resisting over-nurturing mothers!

  5. I am so happy that Landon is recognized and appreciated for what a great little guy his is! I'm so glad things are going so well, LL!

  6. That is the best MIL story of all time.


    Landon's school sounds fabulous!

  7. So glad to hear Landon is doing well at the new daycare!

    As for the Mother-in-law... Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

  8. Some people like to take "the credit" for everything, even for knowing or predicting things beforehand. It seems that your MIL is like that. I'm sure she didn't really think you were pregnant then, but now that you are pregnant, come to think of it...

  9. That *is* awesome. You should start a new website full of MIL quips like these, like fmylife.com... maybe FMMIL? I think it would be a big moneymaker, it would pay for Landon and Landon Part 2's college, I'm sure.

  10. Glad things are going so well at the new daycare! I agree that the MIL sounds like one of those people who always claims to have known stuff before being told. Ugh.

  11. I always knew Landon would be a hit with the ladies!

    Also, I like the idea of FMMIL and would like to contribute. This woman sounds like a real piece of work though.