Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Haircut

This morning we took Landon to get his first haircut. I loved his little duck curls in the back, but JP decided they were starting to look mullet-like and even I agreed we just couldn't have that. There's a Great Clips nearby and since Landon didn't have a particular 'do in mind, spending $11 seemed about right.

When we got there the stylist asked if he'd like to sit in my lap or on a booster. I had just procured a lollipop from the front desk and given his Halloween love affair with suckers I thought he'd do okay to sit on his own. I was right:

He was completely calm, sucking on his lollipop and didn't even seem to wonder at the new and strange happenings around him. He even stood still so the stylist could cut the hairs in the back.

He finished the dum dum just as I was wondering if I should have saved a clip of his hair for the baby book, but it was already swept away and without a lollipop to suck on, Landon was very read to go. I did pause for at least a second to muse about how grown-up he seems, but I'm so in love with this toddler version of my little baby that it's hard to be anything less than excited about these milestones.

The rest of the day involved errands, including PetSmart where Landon had a blast running around and petting all the "DOUGGIES!" We bought beds for the dogs for Christmas and I laughed realizing that we'd just spent more on them then I spent on JP and Landon combined. That's mostly due to how little we spend on each other, but it was funny.

Once home Landon was in high spirits. There was dancing:

And running around with a new hat he found in an open cabinet while I was baking cookies:

He moves so fast now it's very hard to get a centered picture of the little guy! Friends are about to come over for a hot dog cookout. I have my pretty vegetable tray out and sugar cookies cooling. I love weekends!


  1. oh man, the one with the sucker in his mouth is so cute. what a little man!

  2. What a handsome boy!

    Clearly our children have different temperaments. :)

  3. It can be a little bit gross to have hair in the baby book anyway... I would take these pictures over that any day!

  4. anddd it looks like the landon has his mom's red hair :) so cute!

  5. Landon is a dancing machine! He looks like such a BIG little boy now!

  6. aw, that first haircut is SUCH a milestone! I saved a lock of Gray's hair (whilst he sat, sobbing), but a year later I wonder ... what did I do with it?

    He looks great! What a big boy!!

  7. Wow, I cannot believe how calm he was. Pumpkinhead freaked for a full year of first haircuts until he realized they are an inevitable part of life.

    Landon is soooo cute!

  8. My mom let my little brother have a mullet for awhile so she could enjoy his curls. Those pictures now haunt him. You guys made a good decision! :) Very cute.

  9. My son was born with a head full of hair, I have never seen his scalp, so I am curious actually how long we will be able to wait before his curls start flying all over the place. He's a bit young at 8 months- no way he would be as calm as Landon was- but the day is coming soon- Dad doesn't want him "looking like a girl." I'm going to miss my little guys ringlets- but seeing Landon shows me my monkey will still be adorable. Landon sure is.

  10. Landon's hairdresser? Looks JUST like one of my ex-boyfriends.

    Nice new 'do, Landon!

  11. What a cutie! Hannah had her first haircut on Saturday too- and I totally busted out a dum dum!

  12. Awww - he looks like such a big boy sitting in the barber chair.

    Sumo is a long time away from a haircut ... because the more his hair grows in, the curlier it is and it just curls up tighter and tighter and more fro-like. It's awesome.

    And so are dum-dums.

  13. Goodness in those big boy clothes he looks so grown up already! Adorable!

    Cynical Nymph... LOL!