Monday, December 31, 2007

Have Dress, Need Shoes

Yesterday I made a quick stop into Ann Taylor Loft to return a skirt and attempt to use a $25 coupon that expired Jan 1. I ended up buying this dress for our New Year's Eve party tonight:

It's a color I don't usually wear, but it fits perfectly and the beaded neckline is gorgeous- the picture doesn't do it justice. It's also more of a pewter than silver so I think it's dark enough to look acceptable against my pale skin and reddish hair (and actually the model kind of has my coloring, so it must be okay). And the best part: it was originally $129, marked down to $89, then 30% off the sale price to $68, my coupon took it down to $38, and the skirt I returned was $35*- so I paid $3.27.

The only problem is that I don't own silver shoes. Rather shocking given the number of pairs in our collective closets, but true. And I definitely can't wear black ones with it. So I'm off to find inexpensive, but cute silver (preferably pewter, but I'm not pushing my luck) shoes before we dress up to say good riddance to 2007.

*I know it was still technically $38, but I'd already paid the credit card bill with the skirt on it, so in my mind, that was a sunk cost and doesn't count. JP tried to convince me otherwise (some nonsense about how our account could have been credited so it isn't a sunk cost at all), but I'm sticking to my story that the dress was $3 and therefore had to be purchased.


  1. So pretty! I'm a little jealous that your plans include something that requires such a pretty dress! Have a great time.

  2. What about a dark red shoe?
    Then again... don't ask me. I SUCK at fashion.
    Awesome dress and even better deal!
    Have a blast tonight.

  3. Our plans aren't that fancy- some law school friends are throwing a party at their apartment (Landon is sleeping in one of the bedrooms), but I figure that if any night calls for a party dress it's New Year's Eve! Landon will be wearing his fanciest pj's and I know a few of the other guests are glamming it up as well.

    And I did find cute, cheap silver shoes- yay for Target! (although Rose, I think dark red could have been really pretty, especially if I had a burgundy coat)

  4. You and my husband have the same store credit logic! He came home with a really nice polo shirt one time, and I asked him how much. He's like $19. I said "Wow!" and then figured out he was factoring in the $29 return he had! :D

    have fun at the party!

  5. AWESOME buy! I love that dress!

  6. I completely agree with you. You can not turn away from a dress that costs you $3.