Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rainbows and Redecorating

So, remember 10 days ago when I broke my head? In the two days that followed Landon broke his fever (poor kid was super sick and could not wrap his brain around the fact he didn't feel well, it was all so new and mysterious and disappointing to him) and then my laptop broke itself. I've waited too long to write this post, so you are now spared the details of the 15 minute hurricane storm we had that blew a street sign past the car JP was driving home with the big kids in it, or the myriad of calls I had with Sony to fix my laptop while researching newer more expensive laptops (old/new laptop now fixed! many dollars saved!), or the obsessing I did over the fact that my new barre studio bosses wouldn't enter my classes into the system so no one knew they existed until two days before the first class and then I realized it was the wrong time and THEN I taught and people came and one of those persons had been signed up for the next class but then UN-REGISTERED the next morning and I immediately decided she hated me, obviously and I was slightly preoccupied with wondering why, but then my friend came to my class on Thursday and she said there was no wy she would have done another one 48 hours later because "goddamn girl, this is really hard." so maybe there's an explanation besides "I just don't like you." I slept for 80 minutes before my Friday early a.m. class, only in small part due to obsessing about attendance, but then I taught a great class and had a fantastic, super productive day, so now I think it's all going to work out. You should be SO GLAD you get to gloss over all of that. Oh teenage insecurities, they never go away, they just find new ways to fuck with you.

But look, a WonderBaby!

She's smaller, balder, and WAY more likely to create mischief than battle it, but she's pretty freaking wonderful all the same.

So a lot of other things have happened. We've started using the outdoors again and Cora has discovered she loves swings.

She needs you to put her in her swing and then she needs her sister to sit in the other swing and they need to swing together. Right now. Also, Landon needs to push her. Only Landon. Yes, right now.

She is tolerating that picture, but she mostly wants to know why no one is pushing her. As soon as I snapped it, she was pointing urgently at the other swing for Claire and staring at Landon expectantly. She may still have few words, but she is very clear about what she wants when she wants it.

Along with new barre classes, this week included Take Your Kids to Work Day! So I brought my kids.

Actually, JP brought them. I got in at the crack of dawn to actually get work done before they could come help. He brought Cora, who took 2 minutes to knock everything off my desk, delete multiple emails from my computer, attempt to jump out my 19th floor window, and climb up my bookcase. She was not allowed to stay.

The big kids were total assets to the Commission and they loved all the activities, particularly the walk through downtown (or "downtown," Fort Worth is adorable) to eat lunch with friends and the fire station tour that left everyone, including the attorneys, wanting to be firemen. The Cor-nado might get to participate next year.

stolen purse; stolen toothbrush; original grin


We also spent some time continuing to reorganize and redecorate the house. We (JP) hung up the dignitet wire curtain rods we bought a couple weeks ago so the kids could display their art work in their room.

And Landon got to put up his new animal pictures after asking me to take down his super hero posters. Iron Man has fallen to the mountain lion. For Landon anyway (RDJ forever!).

I used my local facebook buy/sell page to great advantage and found the perfect desk! After an unproductive trip to Ikea and MANY lost hours looking around online I just couldn't find the perfect thing for JP to have in the TV room (I'm kicking him and his messy work area out of my sun room) or for me to have in his place, particularly since I wanted to spend as few dollars as possible. But then someone listed her grandmother's rolltop desk and I fell in love AND I was the first person to see it! $175 and one car ride for JP later and I have this beautiful, old, memory and drawer-filled desk of my very own.

Isn't it beautiful?? I love the color; I love that it was the seller's grandmother's; I love that it is so substantive without having a huge footprint; I love that it rolls closed; and I LOVE that it is MINE.

JP has now been moved to the TV room where he can have stuff under and around and on top of the desk and no one will yell at him.

He's getting a whiteboard and I'm blowing up his two company logos and framing them so he will have something to look at, though he moves his laptop all over the house to work already, which is why I didn't feel bad taking his backyard view. His desk was never, ever going to be clean and I've accepted that by relocating him. Teamwork! (Or no? He did help me move the desk. Go team!) We also sold a bookcase, the glider, and the rug that used to be in the room. I have now MADE money by buying this desk. Seriously, everyone is winning.

And speaking of winning, I found the Clairest of dresses yesterday and Claire loves it so much I wish I'd bought two.

Bright, rainbow, maxi- I've already washed it twice so she can wear it "every day in a row."

Assuming Fort Worth doesn't get washed away in the giant tornado-warning storm that's lighting up the sky and pounding on my windows (the windows that are right next to my new desk!), I'm sure she'll be wearing it tomorrow. Have a great week!


  1. At first I thought Wonderbaby was a throwback Lanman pic. Then I thought, no that's Claire. Strong genes in your family lady.

  2. Love the desk! I'd be itching to fill up those little cubby slots with useful items. This is totally unrelated, but I've been meaning to recommend a couple of songs for your barre classes-- with the huge caveat that I've never taken a barre class. But they're both played in my favorite yoga class and they make me happy. First, for an upbeat/dancy one: Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn remix), by Omi-- and definitely the remix, not the original, it's so much better. My kids and I love dancing around the kitchen to it (and it makes for a wicked background to a vinyasa series). And then for cool down, I love I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. It's so peaceful, but the crescendo towards the end makes me feel all proud and goosebumpy at the hard work I've done.

  3. WHERE can I find the rainbow dress? Does it come in big girl sizes too?

    Are Cora's legs longer than the other kids' legs at that age, or is it my imagination? Legs for days on that one!

    1. Rainbow dress! From Children's Place: I got it when the whole store was 50% off (something I'm sure they'll do again soon), but she loves it so very much (wore it again today!) that I'd actually pay full price for it. And I don't say that about anything!

  4. I want to know about the dress too! My niece NEEDS that! (I have all boys....though one loves rainbows and would probably wear it if I bought it).

  5. Wow, that desk was a great find!