Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Local Celebrity and First Day Present Pants

So I have half a post I started yesterday before realizing it was midnight and I needed to go to bed instead (we go to bed SO late and keep vowing to fix it and then, not doing that), but we're going to have to get back to that because I taught my first barre class at Zenfit tonight!

I haven't taught in nearly 4 weeks since my old studio hasn't needed me to sub, so I just had enough time to get nervous again. Particularly because my new studio owners are not Type A detail people and failed to post my class (a class that is at a brand new non-pre-existing time slot) until Sunday evening, and then I realized yesterday it was actually at the wrong time, so it was only correctly posted for about 24 hours and what if no one comes? What if one person comes and it's awkward? What if lots of people come and I can't keep track of my counting and timing and next moves? Ahh!

It was not surprising when I couldn't sleep last night, but I knew it was coming and read a book instead of getting mad about it. Work was good and then I picked up the kids and kicked off my crazy five minute whirlwind of running in the house in my very favorite high heels, getting Landon changed for soccer, putting together a snack and waters for everyone, changing Cora's diaper, and changing myself into my barre clothes and getting all my stuff together for teaching class.

(The heels; originally purchased in 2004 and pulled from my shoe archives this morning because I knew it was going to be a happy day. Aren't they beautiful?)

I'd be at soccer with the kids until we left 10 minutes early to swing by the house, drop the kids off with a just-arrived-JP (the fields are in the opposite direction of his pool, or else this would all work much better), and then go straight to my new class. It was all a bit chaotic and then I ran into our room to find this:

He'd bought me a new outfit for my first day.

He is very thoughtful and this might be a new entry in the top five most thoughtful things. "First Day" clothes are such a big deal to me and he knows that and thought of it and picked something out for me, from somewhere that is such an indulgence... it made my heart flutter.

Claire walked in, saw the bed and sighed, "Dad sure is nice to you Mom." Fact.

He's a keeper.

(He is also featured this awesomely hilarious triathlon forum a triathlete friend sent to us in which someone posted about visiting a DFW YMCA and sharing a lane with an amazing swimmer and how "This guy would pass by and I could feel the Tsunami from his stupid long arm. It literally pushed me over into the lane markers. I had to just stop and watch because I was hoping to learn something. Something that I have never been able to appreciate from the television watching professionals swim....you just dont get the true speed and power these guys have." and it's totally JP he's posting about! Then a bunch of people comment and someone says JP must have been showing off because no one does dolphin kick for warm-up (false) and my extremely-non-show-offy JP was super stressed out by the thought that random internet person could even THINK he was showing off that he responded to the forum before I could yell "noooooo don't do that!" but everyone was super nice and now they're all trying to figure out who he really is and the original poster keeps nixing all the suggestions because, as he explained, "The guy I posted about was very ripped and muscular with a beard." and I'm like yes, he is those things and I should probably get his autograph and then sell it on this forum. The whole thing is adorable.)

But back to me. Class went great! I was alone, and then four people came! which I thought was pretty good for this new class at a new time with 24 hours notice. And it's a fairly small studio, so having five people on the mats and at the barre felt like a real class and I didn't stumble on the moves and everyone was really sweaty and maybe happy at the end? I think, maybe? They didn't throw anything at me, but maybe because their arms were too tired. If nothing else, they got their money's worth! I hope. I would really like everyone to fill out report cards.

But my new very neon pants and I had a fabulous time. I really do love teaching and I can't wait to do it again on Thursday!


  1. I saw that thread on ST but stopped following it after the first few posts. I did wonder to myself if that was someone you guys would know. Congrats JP! (Be glad you didn't appear in the strange denizens of the pool thread!)

    1. Hey Sherry! That is so funny! We don't actually live in Benbrook, but it's the nicest indoor pool JP can access, so he drives over a couple mornings a week.

      So what is ST? I have never been a forum person (likely literally never been in one until someone sent us that link) and JP is barely even an internet person, so we're super out of the loop. Is it a place where a lot of triathletes go? I was surprised at how much activity there was just in that one thread! And everyone was so polite! A nice little place, though now I'm very curious about this "denizens of the pool!"

  2. Oh, and awesome outfit shopping too.

  3. Look at your amazing shoulder muscles! I might have to try out this barre thing.

    I'm so happy for you guys. I love reading about how well everything is working out after years of struggles to find the perfect careers and work/life balance.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It is a nice place to be right now- little daily bumps of course, but nothing that's rocking the boat (or making it flip the fuck over, as it has felt off and on before!).

      And you should totally try barre- it's so fun!

  4. Did JP say that he was planning for the 2016 Olympic Trials in his comments? Wow. Also your shoulder muscle.

    1. He is! Maybe. We'll see. I think it would be awesome, and the kids and I would totally be in Omaha with signs to cheer him on :).