Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just lost 6 inches of hair. My last haircut was in April- I'd been wearing my hair back in a messy bun pretty much every day for weeks, and that's my sign that it's time to finally call the salon and make an appointment. And of course it was on the day we FINALLY get a good hard rain (which is YAY! x 1,000,000, but it totally messed up my post-cut blowout).

The expression on my face says, "oh crap I hope this is the right button to press on the phone because someone's going to walk in any second and wonder why the hell I'm taking a picture of myself in front of a mirror." The perils of self-portraits in the firm bathroom (well, that, and terrible lighting). Anyway, I think I like it. It's shorter, it's lighter- I feel like I've lost 5 lbs. just by cutting it. My favorite length is about 2 inches longer than this, so I should be there early in 2012.

P.S. Claire says hi.

P.P.S. That's one of our favorite books, "Mommy's High Heel Shoes." It's a cute, positive book with a happy working mama (and her awesome shoes), that has bright, colorful drawings (and a hidden heart, cupcake, and ladybug) on every page. Landon went through a phase where we read it every night. Our other favorite working mom book is "Oh My Baby, Little One." I think that one's applicable for any kind of separation, including mother's day out, preschool, etc., but the mom does happen to go to work while the little one is at school and I like that. It also contains my all-time favorite closing line:

"But oh my baby, little one,
the sweetest thing I do
is sweep you up and hold you tight
and come back home to you."

So true :)


  1. Buying both of those books, stat. Love it.

  2. LOVE the haircut! It's a great length on you! And I will definitely have to look into those books.

  3. I love "Oh my baby, little one," so much. I babysat the illustrator's daughters when I was a young teen; now one of her daughters has illustrated another favorite book, "Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep." Another great one is "When Mama Comes Home Tonight."

    Love the hair!

  4. Looking at the high heeled shoes book now! Sounds perfect for my family!

    Love the haircut!

  5. Another awesome working parent book is Monday is One Day. Bonus: it shows all kinds of different families.

  6. You look so nice, LL! It's also great to have a cut that will grow out well. (And I love that you've calculated the approx. date of when your cut will get to its ideal length. Hehe. I do the same.)

    Thanks for the book recos too! I'm finally expecting my own "little one" and will definitely be a full time atty mom too! Thanks for sharing your experience -- SO helpful.

    Still love your blog and read every post even though I don't comment as much these days. Thanks for the continued sharing of your path with us!

    Best, MJS

  7. I am getting comments at the moment - Have you had your hair done? Have you had streaks in your hair?

    For me that means it's time to get it cut. No one ever notices when I have it cut.

    But they do notice when my (pale brown) root have grown out enough so that the streaks are more obvious rather than natural, which is my preference.

    You're lucky being a strawberry blonde so you've got great colour to your hair already!

  8. Cute haircut!!! And good book recommendations -- I went straight to Amazon and bought "Oh My Baby"! And then 5 or 6 other books as I got tangled in the web of Amazon suggestions. :) H is going to need his own bookcase soon!