Friday, October 29, 2010

Space Lobster

I just billed my 210th hour of the month, which is really something when you look at my time entries and see that I had a whole week somewhere in the middle with only 11 hours. There's some loooong days to make up for that. Too bad it's still a year where my bonus has nothing to do with my productivity.

Anyway, despite a looming production deadline and a team of 20 contract reviewers which I am solely in charge of, I left the legal world for 2 hours to attend the kids' daycare costume parade. It was a blast. The weather could not have been more beautiful and it was so fun to see all the kids and their costumes. I'm the Room Parent for Landon's class and I organized a parent pot-luck picnic for after the parade. We ate outside on the picnic tables by the playground. Everyone brought delicious food (I love pot-lucks) and it was so great to meet all the parents we say a quick "hi" to at drop-off and pick-up.

Landon was a space ranger. Not Buzz Lightyear, he will tell with a sigh and a bit of an eye roll (also some pity, because you must not be very bright if you need to ask), he is Landon and he is a Space Ranger. Not Buzz Lightyear, Landon. I mean, you always knew his name before, why are you now trying to call him someone else? Grownups are weird.

The biscuit was a lobster.

A very smiley, ridiculously adorable lobster.

Landon was SO excited that Clairebear was wearing his old lobster costume. He kept saying "and then she's going to be a dragon and then a pumpkin and then a SPACE RANGER!" I gently informed him that at some point Claire is going to have her own opinions on the matter, but he was just happy that for now, Claire wants to be just like him. It's pretty cute - while we were at the parade, so many teachers, even those from other classes, kept telling us how Landon runs over to the buggy as soon as he sees Claire out on a walk. He dances and sings for her and then gets super excited when she smiles at him (which she does without fail). Having two is so much fun.

And, as a special bonus, here is our original lobster in 2007. How time flies:


  1. So nice that you were able to get away to enjoy your beautiful children! Seriously, does Claire ever not smile? (Don't answer if it's "no" - I want to believe she's always that smiley!)

    They really do look alike, don't they? It'll be so much fun to see pictures of Claire when she's Landon's age. :)

  2. So cute!!! I love the lobster costume. Sounds like a really fun day and a well deserved break!

  3. Claire is sooo smiley and cute. She has like a million chins! What a fun break!

  4. Adorable pics, as usual! Where'd you get your sweater from? Love it!

  5. SO FREAKING CUTE! I love that he's LANDON the SPACE RANGER. :) 210 hours?!? That's crazy! I only billed 177 and I feel like I'm dying. And I LOVE your sweater in the first picture- beautiful!