Thursday, October 28, 2010

Picture Day

Today, I remembered just as I was guiding my children and husband out the door this morning, is picture day at daycare. Landon now picks out his own clothes and dresses himself in the morning, running into our room (or wherever we are when he's done) triumphantly exclaiming, "I did it all by myself!" He's been doing this for about 2 weeks and the novelty and pride have yet to wear off. It's one of my favorite moments of the moring.

Today's selection included bright red and blue plaid shorts (from a 4th of July collection in 2009), a green t-shirt with a t-rex on it, and bright orange pumpkin socks from the $1 bin at Target last year. It was a cheerful ensemble and I was just glad he put his shorts on the right way (they're usually backwards and then he doesn't want to switch them, "that's how I like it," so he wears them backwards all day). JP got up with Claire this morning, so he dressed her, always a risky proposition. Today she was wearing her barnyard animal long-sleeved onesie with pink pants that managed to not match any of the shades of pink in the onesie and socks in yet another non-matching shade of pink. JP always looks shocked when I try to explain that just because two things are in the same general color family (i.e. "pink") that doesn't mean they automatically match. In fact, they frequently look quite terrible together.

But it was a nice morning. Landon entertained Claire in our bedroom while JP and I got dressed, dancing around her and singing the ABC's as she lounged on our bed. And since Landon is pretty much the sun in Claire's world, she was smiling spastically the whole time. (Landon is also who she's looking at in the picture of us from yesterday.) So I left the house with a smile on my face, but I did pause when I realized the day, looked at my kids' outfits, and thought, man, that is going to be one odd looking picture!

And tangentially related, pictures from our "Goblins in the Garden" outing at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center last Sunday. Sub-titled: Things That Make My Kids Smile.

Landon: the promise of a lollipop.
Clairebear: What? TOES!

Clairebear: someone is smiling at me!

Landon: my lollipop!


  1. The biscuit makes me smile so much... her chin! It cracks me up!

  2. My daughter is nearly 3, and my husband is the one who gets her up and ready in the am. I set out her clothes the night before. Otherwise? Yikes. The few times I've forgotten, I pick her up in the afternoon from daycare and am shocked that anyone could actually pick out whatever she's wearing and think it matches. AND I put her clothes away in outfits. He STILL manages to screw it up. I can't complain too much, though, cause in all other aspects he's a great dad. But we'll leave the fashion to the mommys. :)

  3. SO cute!! On Charlie's first ever daycare picture day his teachers felt sorry for me and dressed him in some cute khaki corduroys and a green sweater that they found in another kid's cubby. It was much more appropriate for the holiday themed backdrop than the scull and crossbones tshirt and gym shorts I'd sent him in!

  4. Becca I love that! Our daycare teachers are very attached to Claire, so I'm sure they'll deem her non-matching pink barnyard outfit insufficient for the sibling holiday picture. My mom used to take picture day very seriously when I was little, but now that I can take pretty good pics with my own camera and get them printed out in whatever size I want, I figure there's no way I'll end up buying the daycare ones. Although watch it turn out all adorable and we'll have a ridiculous combination of colors to somehow blend into our Christmas card this year :)

  5. I always forget picture day. Once I was saved when they dressed him in a fireman's outfit.

    I have to admit, my husband probably dresses K better than I do. I have this weird thing about "saving" nice clothes (I do this with my own clothes too) -- I don't do it consciously, but if he has two pairs of nice khakis and corduroys and two pairs of sweatpants, and we're not scheduled to do anything outside of school that day, I'll dress him in the sweatpants and save the nice clothes for another day.

  6. Also? I always thought the same thing about not buying pictures, but they come out so adorable that we end up buying them anyway. Then again, our school's picture people have a gift of making our kid smile -- you don't seem to have that problem!

  7. My husband is a tragic clothes-matcher. He has this uncanny ability to paw through all the cute matching stuff and find the things that clash, are old and stained, and a little too small. I let him do it, and don't say anything, because I don't want to be one of those wives who never lets her husband do anything and then ends up doing it all and acting all martyred because her husband doesn't help, you know? But sometimes I want to ask him - really? Really. The yellow sweatpants again?

  8. Where did you get Claire's top in those pictures? It's adorable!!

  9. Thanks! I got it at Target about a month ago. I think about 3/4 of Claire's wardrobe is from Target or Carter's :) (and the Target clothes are usually Carters abrand- they're cute, comfy, cheap, and hold up so well!)