Sunday, April 4, 2010

Being the Bunny

I like being the Easter Bunny. I may wield a little less power than I do as Santa Claus, but there's so much less hype and pressure.

We enjoyed a very low key Easter weekend. Landon was back to 110% within hours of his surgery and has remained that way ever since. It's amazing. On Friday we both stayed home and cuddled and played and took two trips to the park. On Saturday we headed out to our church Easter party. Landon was so proud of his "handsome shirt" (which is now anything with a collar) "with the agigator on it" that he actually requested a picture before we left.

And then this morning Landon was delighted to find an Easter basket waiting for him at the table. And he was even MORE delighted to find his very own pair of sunglasses inside that basket (along with a few books and a puzzle, but really it was all about the shades).

my two handsome men

He wore them through the entirety of his living room egg hunt (which he loved, especially when he opened the eggs to discover the plastic bugs I'd picked out for him; the centipede he's ooohing and ahhing over in the picture below is now sleeping with him), the drive to church, the 50 minutes he spent in the church nursery, the 10 minutes he spent in the church sanctuary (JP always goes to get him after communion befor the last song), our homemade waffle breakfast, and all the way up until naptime, when I finally convinced him to remove the glasses and place them next to his bed for safekeeping.

This afternoon we went for a family hike along the Barton Creek Greenbelt. The dogs loved swimming in the river, as did JP, while Landon and I investigated the various bugs that crossed our path along the shore. Dinner was a roasted pork tenderloin. While ham seems to be the traditional favorite, neither JP nor I are big fans of it so we opted for a different cut of pig. And luckily, even though it was a new recipe, it turned out delicious! Especially when followed by a few Easter sugar cookies.

All in all it was a completely lovely little holiday. I hope you all enjoyed the same.

Lilly does too.


  1. Sounds perfect! Aren't holidays special with little ones?

    I need to check out the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

  2. Lilly is so funny!
    Glad you guys had a good holiday. :)

  3. You gotta admit - da shades are cool!

  4. ha ha ha! I can't believe he wanted to wear his sunglasses all day. That is TOO funny. It definitely wouldn't work in Seattle but maybe you can get away with that in Texas. Sounds like a great day all around!