Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pointing out the Obvious

Hello there. A lot more has happened since last Friday when I wrote about how there was no time to write about all the things that were happening, and this time I have a surprise day off, so you get a blog post about some of them!

On Saturday Landon and I flew to Houston. We had the bulkhead window seat with an empty seat in the middle so everything went as smoothly as possible. Landon ate copious amounts of Honey Maid Honey Bees (have you tries those yet? delicious!) and fruit snacks and only flipped out at the very end when we were landing and I wouldn't let him run up through first class. Once in Houston we went to a party at my aunt's house and saw lots of family we haven't seen in a long time (that's the reason we flew- JP was coaching a summer league swim meet and couldn't arrive until much later in the day and we figured out that it was cheaper to buy an $85 one way ticket than pay for gas for another car to drive round-trip). Landon got to play with a hoard of nerf guns owned by my younger male cousins and even though he's never seen a gun before, he seemed delighted by its existence.

That night we met JP and the dogs up at the lake house and spent 1.5 days of relaxing, boating, jet skiing, eating, and visiting with family and friends. Landon spent most of the time pointing. It turns out that about 90% of his current vocabulary is up on the lake lot: water, boat, duck (also includes the egrets and other aquatic fowl), bus (the tractor and our fleet of vehicles), Papa (my dad), Gigi (my mom), dog (four of them), and various others. And since my parents' lot is on a big point and we are surrounded on three sides by water, Landon excitedly pointed out the "WaWa!!" every 30 seconds, for the first 24 hours we were there.

Saturday night

Sunday morning

Sunday afternoon

Landon went on two boat rides and preferred to go very fast while snuggled into my neck. He's afraid of lawn mowers (just about the only thing he's afraid of so far) and when the engine cranked up he stuck out his finger towards the back of the boat, glared at me, and said "Mow Mow" in his most accusing voice. But he got over it. We also tried swimming with him, but it turns out he only enjoys pointing at the water and expended considerable effort to keep his body from actually touching it.

You'd never guess his parents are two ex-UT swimmers and his most frequent babysitter and adopted uncle is a world record holder. By Monday morning he had moved on from the water sightings and walked around showing his Papa the various trees on the property.

It was utterly lovely to have 2.5 solid days together as a family with no work, no JP on the phone, and no laptops. I had to work late Monday night, but our biggest deadline yet was last night at midnight (thus the gift of a day off today), so I knew it was coming and was just thankful for my two days totally out of pocket.

Today has been wonderfully productive and now I'm off to pick up the Lanman and play until bedtime. I hope you all had wonderful Memorial Day weekends!


  1. Just checking in to say that I am glad you had a wonderful weekend. Memorial Day seems to happen at just the perfect time of year when we all need to recharge. :-)

  2. i need to check out these honeymaid honeybees. why is baby food so good?! im totally addicted to gerber graduates banana cookies =p

  3. Totally not getting how one round trip to Houston adds up to $85 in gas, except maybe in a Lamborghini. ???

  4. It's not Houston, it's my parents' lake house, which is a 9-hour round trip drive, and I have an SUV. I think it came out to about $80 for gas, so when you add in the convenience of one car on the drive back and not driving alone with Landon screaming in the backseat for 4 hours on the way there, flying = cheaper.

  5. You should totally get a Lamborghini! ;)

    Sounds like a nice and well deserved break!

  6. Sounds like a great trip! I'd take the flying over driving with a toddler any day!

  7. That sounds like you had a great weekend. Hawt!

  8. So much to point at, so little time.
    Too cute.