Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smiles, Giggles, and a Big Belly

It's a beautiful, lazy weekend here at Casa Lag Liv. We're waiting for the Landon to awaken so we can head over to a friend's Oktoberfest party, so I thought I'd use the time to share a few recent pictures of the little man.

These are all from Thursday morning before we headed to work, school, and daycare. I thought getting everyone out the door in the morning would be one of the hardest aspects of being a working parent, but morning is often Landon's happiest, smiliest time of day and we have lots of fun before piling in the car. These are all pics of him in our (undecorated and unfinished) bathroom and bedroom, taken in between getting dressed, putting on make-up, and doing my hair. I didn't know that having a toddler around would mean I'd get to start out the day with so much smiling and clapping!

Helping mom pick out her shoes in the closet- he can open and close the doors by himself, how screwed are we?!

Chased into a corner by daddy

Now on the offensive

Consumed by giggles

We clap for everything
Hooray Landon!
So big!

And this is from later that night, but I just had to capture his belly in all its glory:

I think with a toddler you're forever vacillating between wanting to tear your hair out and wanting to scoop them up in a huge hug and beg them not to get any bigger. I think right now we're at a 10% hair tearing, 90% fiercely hugging ratio, so things are going well!

P.S. You had great questions! I'm already working on a few answers and will have periodic answer posts over the next few weeks- thanks!


  1. such a happy boy- what is he going to be for Halloween???

  2. a dragon, complete with tail that wiggles behind him as he walks.

    oh yes, there will be pictures!

  3. haha - I love this. So true! My son is about the same age, and this summed it up perfectly - right down to the belly!

    I just wish we had more time for giggles in the morning!

  4. So Landon is a morning person huh? This probably has good and bad effects :) Nothing is better than waking up to a smiley baby though! (Jacob sleeps in our bed for half the night and I usually get to wake up to his cooing)

  5. So big! I love that belly! He seems like such a happy little man!

    I love mornings more than anything! It's so hard to know that they're getting shorter...

  6. The belly is hawt. Very hawt. You must be feeding him tons of non-alcoholic beers!

  7. Stumbled over here from Hilary's blog (Suburban Zoo) and noticed you have an adorable Landon! So do I;) Great name:) Just wanted to let you know that and say hello!

  8. Such cute pics! I love the belly one!...I never notice how much Ethan's sticks out until bathtime when I see those tiny little hips and this protruding belly sticking least we know they aren't wasting away!

  9. Man, I wish I felt that good about MY belly!

    Can't wait to see the dragon pictures! heheheeee