Sunday, October 5, 2008


Landon and I have taken five trips to two different playgrounds in the past three days. He's currently obsessed with being outdoors; any time we pass a window he points outside with great emphasis and makes all kinds of noises that aren't exactly English but still make quite clear that he wants to OUT. NOW!

JP was studying most of the weekend and I'm not so big on sitting around cooped up in the house, so go OUT we did.

Hi Mom

UP the slide, our very favorite playground activity

Down the slide, almost as fun as trying to climb up

And attempting to go back up again

Other big accomplishment of the weekend: Halloween decor shopping. JP came along and picked out all sorts of gross scary things while I scooped up cute little ghosts and happy pumpkins. Our front porch is going to look a bit schizophrenic, but it was fun to shop for our first Halloween as homeowners. I already have the giant orange bowl filled with candy, and I may or may not have already eaten some of it. We also picked up costumes for the dogs- Rosie will be a ballerina princess and Tex is a bumble bee. I thought the noble Tex might look embarrassed when I tried his costume on him, but he somehow made springy antennae and glittery yellow stripes look distinguished. I also made TWO dinners from scratch, broke and then fixed the disposal, calculated my monthly loan payments from my four different lenders (the total is more than daycare but slightly less than my mortgage, this is how you can make what a new associate makes these days and still not have money to eat out or go on vacation), and introduced Landon to the joys of a lollipop. It was a darn good weekend. My trip to Houston was also excellent, though I got exactly no sleep and drank more than I have in a long time. But there was lots of new associate bonding and I hit a baseball on the field of Minute Maid Park (well, my bat made contact with the ball, never mind that it bounced off sideways and hit the net). I'm off to bed- attempting to go across the monkey bars today about killed me. Apparently I was in the best shape of my life at age 10, I used to be able to fly across those things. They're going to be my new workout routine- I figure doing that along with chasing after Landon (quite literally, chasing, I did a lot of running up, down, and around playground equipment the past three days, the kid just takes off towards the edge of anything tall and plastic) ought to counteract all the big firm lunches I've been eating.


  1. K is like that, too -- when we're in he's always begging, "'Side, 'side," and once we're out he never wants to come back in. It's starting to get colder around here and we're going to have to invest in some waterproof clothes and boots for the winter. You're lucky to be living in a place where it's outside weather year-round!

  2. The weather was perfect for playgrounds this weekend!!

    I laughed out loud at "my porch is going to look a bit schizophrenic".

  3. I love the dog costumes! If it makes you feel better, I've already made my way through 2 bags of candy corn :)

  4. I LOVE Halloween decorations! There's a house near us that has a guy "mooning" the road ... the butt cheeks are two pumpkins. I love it! Meanwhile, my parents are totally horrified and think it's tacky but I snort every time I drive past it.

  5. A few things:

    that's so exciting to be able to decorate your house for the holidays and have trick-or-treaters come to your door!

    There is no limit to a reasonable amount of candy you can consume in the Halloween time period (defined by when the decorations are up in the stores)

    Landon is looking so cute and grown up these days... like, I see a change from pictures a month ago! (unless I'm imagining it)

    It must be so nice to have your weekends free and be able to play outside and wear yourselves out without having the overhanging guilt of schoolwork to do. It sounds like you guys are having a blast together!

  6. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. :)