Friday, April 27, 2007

An "Ugh" of a Day

I waited in the apartment ALL day for FedEx to deliver a crib (JP's mom recently ordered it off our registry) that has been trying to make its way to our apartment for two weeks. First they thought we were a business address instead of residential (not sure why that would matter so much, but apparently the truck driver wouldn't deliver when he got to our building), then they had the wrong apartment number, then they had a wrong phone number, and then finally, after many many phone calls, they promised it would be delivered today. I skipped my class and stayed home. At 11:30 I got a phone call from a woman at FedEx and she told me the truck driver didn't want to leave the box at our door (its a big 91 lb. box) so he left it at the shipping center. I'm sorry, WHAT?! Perhaps they should have called before the driver left to see if I would be home- then they wouldn't have to worry about leaving the box. She asked if I would stay home Monday too and I said no, that crib needs to come here today. I'm happy to report that after talking to a few other FedEx employees higher up the ladder, the crib was just delivered at 8:45pm. The battle with FedEx over the crib is won.

While forced to stay in the apartment I worked on my paper. It was enormously depressing. I have 27 pages (25 is the requirement), but it's really not good. There's a whole section (sadly, one of the best ones) that is definitely a tangent- I just can't bear to delete it. So my paper has a bit of an identity crisis.

Now I'm watching "An Inconvenient Truth" with JP. It seems a fitting movie to top off my rather frustrating and depressing day. It's a very good documentary, but its depressing (1) to see how much damage we've done to the earth and how much the government has refused to acknowledge it and (2) to think about how different things might be if someone with actual experience and competence had won the 2000 election.

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