Sunday, April 29, 2007

Posting from the Gym

I'm waiting in the gym lobby for JP to finish up his ridiculously long workout. He was mad that I cut him down from 3 hours to 2 (I've got to eat, which requires a stop at the grocery store, and I'm not missing my sunday night shows!). We have very different views of working out. I do it because it's good for you and I don't hate it. JP does it because he loves it- six hours at the gym is an afternoon well spent. I can't say I don't appreciate the benefits of a husband who can bench 300 pounds (he has a hot swimmer body and can carry a 91 lb. crib box up four flights of stairs when the elevator is broken), but I'd rather be home right now instead of waiting for him to finish up whatever he's doing in there.

Today has been a productive (and gorgeous) day. JP had to go in to the office so I decided to make the trek out to the suburbs with him. I worked on the PAPER, he played with a fancy spread sheet, and we took a nice lunch break together and ate outside. After work time was over, I dragged him to the suburb's mall for a few errands. I love shopping outside along State St. and Michigan Ave., but when you've got a lot of little things to do, nothing beats a mall for convenience. I found earrings for prom, a cute summer sun dress, another work shirt, earrings that I've been searching for forever to match a necklace I love, and a delicious bubble tea. I even managed to drag JP into Babies R Us to look at a few of the items I had recently added online. He pretended to be miserable, but I saw the happiness in his eye when he added three new bathtub toys to our registry.

So I feel a little bad that I'm sitting in the gym lobby in my gym clothes and the only calories I'm burning are from my fingers hitting the keys. I did some weights and some cardio and decided to call it a day. If there's ever a time to take it easy, it's when you're six months pregnant- right?

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  1. I hate them gym. I wish I loved it. I go b/c I'm an over achiever when it comes to my body. I wish I could get that runner's high or something.