Friday, April 20, 2007

24 Week Check-Up

I spent the last 5 hours in beautiful downtown Chicago- the weather is gorgeous with bright blue skies and 65 degree temperatures. I truly love this city- on days like this I wonder how I can even think of leaving. (Then on days when it snows in early October or April I remember why Texas sounds pretty good.) I walked about 7 miles running errands, going to the doctor, and meeting a friend for lunch- it felt good to use my legs!

My midwife appointment went great. My weight is right on track (or maybe 3 lbs. over), my blood pressure is perfect, and the little guy's heartbeat is still a strong whoosh-whoosh. I really like my OB/midwife practice- they always see me right on time and everyone I've dealt with has been warm, open, and competent. Hopefully that impression will continue up through the labor and delivery phase!

I met a friend for lunch- she's a 1L at another Chicago law school and is planning to start a family with her husband next year (basically the exact same timing as me). She talks just like I did a year ago- so excited about making the decision and impatient about wanting to start trying, while savoring the freedom and alcohol drinking. JP and I were ready months before we could actually start trying- I've had a Target baby registry since March 2006 ;) I found I was more impatient then than I am now- waiting to try, then waiting to test, then waiting to try again. Those months went by so slowly! Once I had the two pink lines I could just sit back, eat pizza, and wait for the baby to grow. I'm sure I'll get impatient as it gets closer to the due date, but for now I'm surprised at how quickly time is going by on its own. Little things like law school keep me busy.

Almost all my shopping today consisted of returns (I feel so financially virtuous) and the purchase of a very cute sundress for my baby shower ($19.99 marked down from $58!). All in all it has been a lovely day. If only I didn't have this PAPER looming over my shoulder. I'm dedicating Saturday to working on it and then Sunday JP and I are going to the aquarium to look at the fishes. After all, I'm a 2L, I can't let any assignment take up an entire weekend, even if it is due in 10 days and I haven't really started.


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  2. Do you believe in the whole must orgasm to get pregnant? It's so effing hard when hubby comes home late as hell around 2 am from his bloody firm. I'm in no mood for sex or orgasm or foreplay.. I just want to sleep. I'm going to write a blog on this.

  3. I had a typo: Girl I need some hope. How long did you try for (how many cycles) before the 2 pink lines? I tried for a month and got pregnant. And since the miscarriage have tried for 2 cycles and am on break this cycle.

  4. We had three unsuccessful months, took a break (so I wouldn't have a summer due date while working at a firm) and then got pregnant by surprise the month before we were supposed to start trying again. So don't stress and just try to enjoy it (and no you definitely don't have to have an orgasm to get pregnant, although I think enjoying the experience probably helps b/c you're less tense)

    Some basic stats: most women have a 15-25% chance of getting pregnant each month, only 50% of couples conceive in the first 3 months, and nearly 75% conceive in the first 6 months. So 2 tries isn't very many!

  5. thanks for the nice post, LL.

    bc - are you temping and stuff? that can increase your chances each month.