Sunday, February 25, 2007

Best Meal Ever?

Last night JP celebrated my birthday at Arun's Thai Restaurant. I think it may have been the best meal I've ever eaten- it was certainly the greatest overall dining experience.

Arun's is tucked away among random buildings on Kedzie Ave- very unassuming for a place that costs $85/person before drinks, tax, tip, etc. Everyone gets the 12-course chef's tasting menu with 6 appetizers, 4 entrees, and 2 desserts. The service was impeccable and they are very flexible with the menu for allergies, dislikes, and spiciness preferences. JP and I were on opposite ends of the spice spectrum for every dish and still thought each one was perfection. I really wanted to take pictures of each one (I held back out of respect for the fine dining atmosphere and JP's glaring)- they were so beautifully presented! I did take one picture- of the tempura bass entree that had an intricately carved goldfish from a carrot. There were also delicate little butterflies carved from a carrot on top of our spring rolls.

I wish I could describe each course, but I can't remember a majority of the ingredients- everything had an incredible mix of flavors that I would never have ordered off a menu (I'm a picky eater)-- and every single thing was delicious. Flavors I know I don't like (coconut and curry) were in several dishes and I still thought they were the best things I'd ever eaten. It was a wonderful evening- amazing food, relaxed, quiet atmosphere, and of course- great company. It was fun to get dressed up- even though it took a while to find something that would fit! I settled on a beaded shear top that stretched over a camisole with some (stretchy) black pants and sexy shoes (at least they still fit). JP looked quite handsome in a suit- swimmers wear those so well.

JP's boss had given us a $170 gift certificate for Christmas (there is no way we could go there otherwise) and we still spent $90 on his glass of wine, my tea, tax, tip, and valet. It is not a cheap dining experience, but if you're going to spend that much, I can definitely say you wouldn't walk away feeling like you'd wasted the money. We're planning a return trip for my law school graduation present- we'll be saving up- by then dinner will include babysitting fees!

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  1. Looks impressive!

    Happy 24th! Welcome to your early twenties (as my husband would say -- he still insists he's in his "mid-twenties" at 29).