Tuesday, July 2, 2024


I guess this is how I blog now. One meager post a month, exclaiming that it is indeed the month the calendar says it is.

Tomorrow we leave for Wisconsin, to my grandfather's home, to the lake we love so much and that he loved most. My mom's whole family is gathering, all the kids and all the cousins, and we'll play on the shores of his beloved Silver Lake, wear our "Team Nordin" shirts, honor his favorite holiday, and fly the flag that covered his coffin at the funeral.
I miss him so much, every day, and while I wish more than anything he could join us, I also know he'll be there.
He loved hearing about my work and work is going so great. I've been working a LOT but on great matters, with interesting issues, and with wonderful clients. I love it. I love being busy and needed and full. The kids have mixed feelings.
I flew to DC for a night in mid-June to attend a summer associate Palm Royale party. It was a good time and I got to wear a dress I bought with my mom at Dirty Dillards over a year ago that was feeling sad it hadn't been worn.
Speaking of trips, we surprised Landon with a trip to watch swimming Olympic Trials for an early birthday present and it was the best. I got to use airline miles from all my work trips, he got to join his two best friends who were already traveling up there with their family, and while he didn't give us a lot of information while he was gone, we definitely got a full download when he got back.
The day after he got back, he and James had a big swim meet and it was actually in Dallas, so the girls and I went to watch.
They overlaped in one event, swimming in the same lane, one behind the other (James is in the black cap; Landon is in white behind him).
I loved seeing them together and though they've been to a million meets together, I finally got a picture of them both on deck!
Landon dropped time and actually beat James for the first time! Pretty big milestone in this family. The 50 free isn't James's best event, but it isn't his worst either, and I did love getting to sit with him in the bleachers at finals so we could watch our baby boy together.
Claire finished up summer school and has been babysitting almost every day. It's keeping her in all the Sephora and Homegoods bags her 14-year-old heart desires.

Her birthday present was built-in shelves and a desk in her room. The project just got finished and it looks AMAZING. Just like it was always meant to be there. She's been busy assembling drawers and curating her shelves and I can't wait to see it all done.
She picked out this chair from Homegoods and Milo thought it was for him.
She moved her old desk to the landing so I could list it on Facebook Marketplace but next thing we knew Landon had moved in, so now he has a desk too! He's very pleased.
Cora is doing great. She had oral surgery two weeks ago to remove a baby tooth that had gotten trapped under two adult teeth. She did great, though hated how sleepy the anesthesia made her for the rest of the day (which is hands down my favorite part of surgery). She watched a lot of nature documentaries and was back at swim practice the next day. Speaking of, she just had a great met this past weekend- her first ever long course meet- and got all A times and one AA! She's really enjoying swimming and I love seeing her on deck with her friends.
Random work 'fit photo. Bonnie has gotten me more into neutrals and I put this outfit together all by myself.
Also this Veronica Beard blazer deserved a pic. A pre-owned find on The Real Real, I love it so much. Orange, navy, sky blue, and pink - who knew I needed a tweed in this color?
I've spent a few weekend days by the pool, soaking up the shade, reading or watching the kids play. I find when I'm working this much, in my off time I only want to sit with the people I love, curl into a soft chair and read a fantasty book, or sleep. So that's pretty much what I've been doing, though I did manage a happy hour with some new yet already dear friends from the Dallas legal scene.
I'm sure I've written this before but truly the best part of private practice is getting to connect with so many strong, brilliant, amazing women in the field. We need more, but man we've got some good ones.
And finally, this made me laugh.
I can 100% see myself doing that.

Other random things I put in a note on my phone to mention the next time I write a post:

(1) I just learned about book podcasts and am currently obsessed with A Court of Faeries and Fangirls, a podcast with two best friends who are breaking down every Sarah J. Maas book (and they're starting Throne of Glass, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of her series, in the fall). It's fun and smart and funny and I've gotten a lot of great book recs from their chit chat at the beginning of each episode.

(2) Landon turns 17 in less than 2 weeks. My heart really can't take the college recruiting letters he's already getting.

(3) I LOVED Bridgerton Season 3 and I am sad that I watched it so quickly.

(4) I've given up on exercise and clean living for the rest of summer. I'm not going nuts about it, but it's too freaking hot, I'm too busy, I travel too much, there's too many summer events, politics are too terrible, and summer is the absolute worst here in the 7th circle of hell. I will be healthy in the fall, winter, and spring, but summer is our time for reverse hiberation. It's frozen margaritas by the pool and if a cookie makes life worth living at 2 pm (and your summer program keeps providing them), you eat one. It's fine. There's only 2 (to 4) months of truly terrible temperatures left.

(5) I got sick three days ago, which seems to be a thing I do in summertime, but steroids, sudafed, mucinex, and sleeping pills seem to be dragging me around the corner?

(6) Which is good, because our first flight leaves at 7:40 a.m. tomorrow morning. And so, I'm off to bed. I truly miss you all when I don't write, which is funny since I don't know many of you who read, but blogging has always felt like talking to a friend and I hope you're all doing well.


  1. It's always an exciting day to see a post from you pop up in my feed. I was just thinking of you last night as my family dove into the pork/pineapple/teriyaki stir fry I found on your site years ago. It's such a favorite around here. Have a lovely break with your family. Oh, and I love that neutral outfit!

  2. I so resonate with #4. I recently fully understood that saying, "Summer bodies are created in the winter." That's because it's too hot to sweat in the summer, particularly in Texas. I'm in London and some days it's too hot, but also the sun is so lovely and a glass of Rosé in the evenings are more enticing than thinking about working out.

  3. I enjoy so much reading about your family and their adventures and your amazing career and colleagues. It’s ALMOST like visiting with you in person. ❤️

  4. I was about to write a prodding comment asking where you were. Good timing. It's strange to realize that I started reading the blog when you had only 1 child. Your kids are fascinating and I love your realistic view of them. Keep on writing. More than once a month would be fine.

  5. So glad Landon was able to come to Indy for the swim trials! We had such fun hosting as a city- we went several times even though I know zero about swimming and it was so inspiring 🤩

  6. Like the poster before me, I get so excited when I see a post from you! I honestly don't know how you keep up with your busy life but reading your enthusiasm for your career and your passion for your family really does inspire me. Enjoy your summer and all the cookies and margaritas and family time that goes with it!

  7. I love all your posts and constantly check!!!