Sunday, September 4, 2022

3 Weeks and 17 Years

Friday was the end of Week 3 of school and yesterday was the start of Year 18 of our marriage! We celebrated the latter (and I suppose the former) AND the 21st anniversary of our first date by going out to a fabulous dinner at The Mexican.
The food was AMAZING and the house margarita maybe the best I've ever had. The ribeye chicharron was incredible, as was the barbacoa de arrachera and sea bass ceviche (omg the sea bass ceviche), and we had the chopped salad, spinalis steak, manchego mashed potatoes with chorizo gravy, and lobster elote, which despite not being big fans of either lobster or elote, blew our damn minds. We had 1/4 cup of the elote left at the end which we brought home and then fought over the next morning.
I wore The Shoes and two women in the incredibly well-lit bathroom gave me all the compliments on their fabulosity. I love a fierce female bathroom cabal.
We had the most lovely time together and then we got to come home to our crew and talk about dates to Homecoming dances and cross country meets in the morning and how my necklace (a gift from James years ago) looks excellent as a tiara.
(Oh and James got me ridiculous flowers and I adore them.) Pretty much the perfect 17th anniversary night!
We got to wake up bright and early on our actual wedding anniversary so James could take Landon to swim practice and I could take Claire to the bus for her cross country meet. Because our kids are living their best lives and we're their rides.
Speaking of, Landon started 6 a.m. swim practice this week!
We take turns to wake up with him at 5:15 a.m. to see him off, hanging out with our surprisingly chatty and cheerful eldest child while he gathers his things and waits for the very sweet junior swimmer who lives nearby and picks him up to take him to practice with her each morning.
On the first morning the pets all assembled to see him off as well. Milo was very confused about the lack of snacks.
By morning 2 Maggie decided he could handle the morning on his own.
She still loves you, but she doesn't want to talk about it until at least 7 a.m. when she helps me work out.
Her form is impeccable. Look at that squat.
Also on Saturday, James took Landon halfway to Fort Worth so he could have a sleepover with a friend, Claire finished her cross country meet, and Cora went to a birthday pool party. And James and I snuck away for an hour to see the immersive Van Gogh exhibit which was awesome!
Also, Claire got braces, she ate a lot of smoothies, and I got fully addicted to the black milk tea from the boba place next door.
Then a junior associate introduced me to Postmates so I could order Boba without even leaving my desk and now I am doomed. Good thing I'm back to working out every day.

I head to NYC tomorrow for work and then to DC from there on Wednesday and then home on Friday. I've managed to get 5 days worth of work clothes in my carry-on AND four days of workout clothes because I am DETERMINED to keep this streak going. Travel is my exercise kryptonite, but I'm going to try my best. Hopefully Maggie can keep her streak going too.
(Just kidding. She is fully strike about walks and has yet to leave the driveway of this rental house. She gives so much side eye.)
We're off to a Labor Day party (our new neighborhood residents are the NICEST; I've felt so welcome) and then watching the last episode of Slow Horses when we're back. That show is so good that I'm sad to finish it. I also just finished Never Have I Ever Season 3 which was a delight, so I need more recommendations for my flights and train rides over the next week.
In closing, here's James & Rebecca at a swim party circa 2001 when we had just started dating. Taken via my old camera on actual film without a red eye or night flash adjustment. Look at those crazy kids! Now a month away from moving into a beautiful home in Dallas with our 3 kids and 3 pets. How lucky I've been to grow up alongside someone who loves me so much.


  1. Oof, 6 am every day for practices?! That's rough! My swimmer is only 12 and has ONE day a week at 5:30 a.m. which I am already dreading. But they don't have a p.m. option that day, and he already has some conflicts with soccer practice on other evenings, so he will definitely need to be at the 5:30 practice. We just celebrated 15 years on the 2nd of September, so we almost share an anniversary. Happy anniversary! And my 7th grader has his first cross country meet this week, too! It's fun to read about the same sports going on at your house as mine. :)

    1. Oh, and I have one getting braces this week, too! (I knew there was another similarity that I spotted in this post....).

  2. I created a blogger account just to tell you how much I laughed at the line "Because our kids are living their best lives and we're their rides."

  3. Happiest of anniversary to you both! Have loved following your beautiful family over all of these years and am so glad you're one of the (few) bloggers who keeps at it!