Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday in Stitches

Happy Sunday morning! I'm happy to report that after 5 days of steroid pills, 6 of DayQuil and NyQuil, constant water drinking, hot baths with hot water compresses across my face, and early bedtimes, my sinuses are almost totally cleared!
Which is good because on Tuesday I got some skin cancer cut out of my forehead and my stitches and I can only handle so much.
I remain extremely allergic to adhesive and could only leave the paper tape on for about 30 minutes. Since then my stitches and I have just been flying free, with an occasional piece of gauze attached to my head with the Polysporin whenever I got tired of accidentally sticking a finger in the ointment. It's very field medic chic.
My forehead felt pulled so tight the first few days, I truly cannot imagine getting a facelift or anything similar. It did not feel good and I remain mildly demoralized by the future scar on my forehead. I'm also not allowed to workout and that was a blow. Going to yoga was the only reason I left my house most days and I had quickly become physically and mentally dependent on those outings. The stitches come out on Thursday and I need it to get here faster.
While I worked and moped, the girls were at golf camp and seemed to have an excellent time.
The pets kept me company as always. As my only coworkers I've spent an undue amount of time observing them (and talking to them, but that's totally normal right?). I've noticed that while Moose and Milo are crazy chasing wrestling best brother friends, and Moose has ceded his favorite cat tree spot to Milo without complaint, Moose has staked a firm claim on the bulldog and he is NOT sharing.
Everyday Moose wraps himself around Maggie, rubbing his head under her chin and carefully marking her with his scent. I don't think he's sure what type of animal Maggie is, or what she offers besides long naps and loud snores, but she's his and the new cat can't have her.
They crack me up.
On Saturday I took my stitches on a field trip to the kids' swim meet in Granbury!
Everyone did great.
And it's so nice to see them back in the pool after a summer away from it all.
Also on Saturday, we took our family pictures! Poor timing given my Franken-forehead situation, but our photographer assured me she could photoshop them out. I shopped for our outfits in our closets and was pretty pleased with the results!
And the act of putting on real clothes and makeup did make me feel 125% more human than I had the past several days, so that was a boost.
Today is Landon's 14th birthday party. For the first time in 10 years, he isn't having a pool party and in the interest of requiring minimal effort on my part, I agreed, so off to a trampoline park we will go. On Thursday I will have a 14, 11, and 7 year old and it's so hard to believe. One of the hardest things about working from home for the last 16 months has been having the opportunity to spend so much more time with the kids and having the reality of so much of that time be me telling them to go away or stop talking to me. It's been really tough. I know I've gotten lots of small moments I otherwise would't have gotten and I'm so grateful for them. Hopefully that's what they'll remember too.
The big kids are riding their bikes to the Dollar Store to pick out birthday napkins for Landon's party (minimal effort ftw) and I'm about to slice up a watermelon and make his ice cream sandwich cake. It's a lazy easy Sunday morning with a celebration up ahead, so not too bad, even with the stitches along for the fun.


  1. So sorry about the sickness and the surgery! Glad you are on the mend. And happy birthday to Landon!

  2. 14! Happy birthday to Landon! And feel better, you.

  3. I too have had basal cell carcinoma removed (*from the center of my nose two days before a job interview*). My 2yo daughter recoiled in horror when she saw me. I am also allergic to all tape and bandaids and get huge weeping sores when I use them. I'm also allergic to Neosporin and have to use Polysporin - are you allergic to Neosporin too? (I guess I'm allergic to the neomycin in Neosporin.)

    I hope you have a full quick healing. It looks to me like you won't have much of a scar or maybe not very noticeable. Good luck.

  4. Glad your sinuses are better, and I hope you'll soon be cleared for exercise.
    Happy birthday to Landon!