Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Lake House Weekend Redux

Last weekend we went to visit my parents to reattempt our 4th of July lake trip and celebrate Landon, my brother, and my sister-in-law's birthdays. We drove over late Friday and on Saturday morning headed straight to the marina. It's a valet service, so the boat was already in the parking lot, we boarded, and then someone drove over with a tractor to tow us into the water. It was a pretty amazing setup, particularly in this time of social distancing.

We drove (boated?) to an island that the kids conquered during PapaGigi Camp and they were so excited to get to show us. I wore my other kimono over my suit and took what would be my last picture in my favorite sun glasses.

We lounged in the water near the boat, sat on the sand, and wore our protective SPF sun gear.

(Update: my mom is doing GREAT after round-2 of her post-skin cancer nose reconstruction; it was a really rough procedure, but she looks amazing and is so glad to have it behind her. SPF, hats, and rash guards forever.)

The swim mat was sat and wrestled upon.

My brother and his wife pulled up in their boat. As always, he was bearing toys and pretty soon everyone was attempting to stand-up paddleboard.

The kids mastered it immediately.

I did pretty well, but a boat went by and the waves knocked me down. I popped up laughing, only later realizing my sunglasses didn't come with me. We searched but the lake gods had taken them as a donation. Still, the day was worth the price of admission.

More boats arrived at the island, so we released our spot and headed for calmer water so I could redeem myself on the paddleboard. I did and set out to explore the shore with the 3 kids. Landon raced me heading back and beat me by an undisclosed number of yards.

We listened to music, lounged, ate sandwiches on the boat. It was such a nice day among the trees (Sam Houston National Forest!) and totally spaced out from other people on our little island of a tritoon.

Eventually Eric & Tamires headed home (they live on the other side of the lake from my parents) and we bowed to the kids pleas for a third and final anchoring - this time in the middle of a "deep part" so they could swim under the boat, another fond memory from PapaGigi camp. It cracked me up what pros they were on the boat. And how they always automatically sit in age order.

Apparently the deep water is where you do the jumping.

James declared that he does not jump on vacation.

We boated home, waiting near the ramp until our tractor driving friend could tow us out. He pulled us into a parking spot and drove off, leaving us to disembark and get in our cars to drive home. Turns out there's a drive through frozen margarita stand one mile down the road from their house, so obviously we made a loop through. It was SUCH a nice day.

That night E&T came back over for their birthday dinner of brisket, sides, and my now-famous ice cream cake (literally ice cream sandwiches stacked with cool whip and covered in crushed Oreos and Hershey's magic shell). We played games, me exhibiting my stellar ladders form.

It was a really nice weekend. Relaxed, sunny, easy, and only 95 degrees outside instead of 110.

We headed home Sunday after brunch (brisket breakfast tacos; a favorite combo), thankful for the escape. We returned home to groceries and laundry and were back at the working and stay-homing Monday morning. Despite the very best of my intentions, I have not worked out since I pre-recorded my barre class on Friday. Similarly, in a burst of physical fitness, Maggie attempted to explore my parents' backyard trail through the trees, but gave up partway down and surrendered to the elements.

Maggie is all of us. Or certainly me.

I think it's the heat, the fact that work is always within arm's reach, and the general lack of boundaries in my life right now that just make working out seem impossible. If I didn't teach two classes a week I'm not sure I'd ever move. Anyway, we're off topic. The lake was great, I felt good in this one-piece swim suit that mildly scandalized the girls with its visible cleavage, and I like kimonos now. On to food!

Sunday: Garlic Herb Spaghetti (skipped the meatballs, served with TJ's pre-grilled chicken), raw veggies on the side
Monday: Tacos, Rice, Black Beans, Toppings
Tuesday: Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup, Bread
Wednesday: BBQ Beef with Beans, served over Brown Rice with toppings; raw sliced pepper on the side
Thursday: Creamy Orzo with Chicken Meatballs and Peppers, Side Salads
Friday: Takeout TBD

P.S. Thank you so much for your recs on the last post! I started reading the Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet and LOVE THEM. I finished book 1 at 2:00 a.m. this morning, which was a terrible decision, but really, what even is time right now. I'm still picking through the comments and will try to do an update/roundup type of post. Oh! And I got Vuori joggers. They felt great but were too short on me (I do not like capris) but I threw in some sale Sequoia Lounge Pants when I made the order and I love them more than anything, so that was a big win and I will now be wearing them every day. Hopefully everyone has a win in something this week!


  1. A drive through for margaritas! That sounds like actual heaven. I am so glad you got a break and a lovely weekend away. All the more important right now when the entire world is a dumpster fire...

    1. Yes!! I don't know why we don't have one 1 mile from my house (though maybe it's good we don't). And YES on the weekend getaway. It was much needed and much enjoyed.

  2. I've been reading for years and I obviously don't know you but that didn't stop me from immediately thinking of you when I saw the new wine/cheez-it combo box! Have you seen it??

    1. Omg WHAT?!! I will google this immediately. I feel VERY STRONGLY about cheez-its and I love so much that you thought of me :).

  3. Agree on the joggers...though I love mine they are a little short. Try the Clementine Shorts next from Vuori...I wear them all day at my home desk and they’re cute and sporty!

    1. Oh thanks!! I could use an around-the-house short.

    2. I have their shorts that are made out of the same material as the joggers!

  4. Have you read This Is The Way It Always Is? I feel almost certain you would LOVE- no ADORE- it as much as I do. I’m about 80% finished.