Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas Countdown

I just spent 127 hours packing for our Colorado Christmas road trip. 5 people, 1 bulldog, road trip, Christmas, skiing, hiking, Christmas Day brunching... it requires MANY THINGS to be packed in the car. There was a chart and it was EXTENSIVE. Maggie and her sweaters had a whole section.

But now the things are packed. The post-its they are waiting on the counter for us to grab the last minute things in the morning. We're watching a movie on the couch (6 Underground? I'm 100% not following it) and sipping a glass of wine and it is lovely. Bring on the snow and the cozy and ALL of the family and the festive.

Speaking of family - my brother proposed to his girlfriend last weekend! We're so excited. We first met her last Christmas and we just love her. And now we get another family wedding sometime in the new year! The kids can't wait.

Also family related, my parents swung by the house on their drive up to Colorado last Sunday and got to help decorate our Christmas cookies! After all those years growing up with my mom doing all the baking, now she got to do the icing and sprinkles!

Except, turns out, she's not that focused on the fine points of design. Her cookies were lackluster at best, but don't worry- she was 100% confident in all her decorating decisions.

My dad, who was usually at work while we performed this sacred task, enjoyed mining his creative side and eating the frosting, with some side-eye from Landon.

It was a good time. They left early Monday morning to continue up to the mountains while I dragged my suddenly sick self off to work to take testimony, with a swing through Walgreens for some cold medicines.

It was a long day. My office remains under construction so it was an odd week of cycling between working from home at my kitchen table and taking my cold medicines in for meetings on various floors throughout the building not currently being painted. I'm not a doctor, but I felt at least 37% better when I could work while wearing fuzzy clothes and getting cuddles with my emotional support bulldog.

On Friday, James had a swim meet so I took the girls to school. Obviously, Maggie came along to assist.

I love this view of Claire running towards her to say goodbye.

This is Maggie's life now. A cute sweater, a nice hair accessory, and so much love.

I worked through the morning and then took an hour to participate in Pajama Reading Day at the girls' school. Cora was SO EXCITED to have me in her class to read to her, just like I've done to the big kids for years.

And it was nice to have a super excited Kindergartner to read to on the first year that I can't go read to Landon. Middle School is way too cool for PJ Reading Day. Also on Friday was our friend's traditional cookie party! A favorite tradition, it involves pot luck appetizers and tons of cookies and icing and sprinkles. Also mulled wine. It's great. I took exactly one picture.

While the kids and I were there, James was at a swim meet making another go at his 100 breast after he was disappointed in his time at U.S. Open. For context, his best time ever, back in college, circa 1999, was a 55.25. In March of this year he went an incredible 55.26 to qualify for the U.S. Open. But now, on Friday, he went a freaking 54.89 which checks off his lifetime goal of breaking a 55, something he'd just told he was wondering if he'd ever do, and is simply ridiculous. As I shrieked into the phone when he told me, my very next thought was, oh my god, he is never ever going to stop doing this.

He got 3rd (1st place was Olympic gold medalist and former American Record holder Cody Miller) and won $100! So he's a pro swimmer now, even if he later found out the $100 was actually in store credit to the shop in the lobby of the natatorium.

We spent Saturday doing some packing prep, like making Sausage Balls (with this delicious recipe) and going to all the stores in Fort Worth.

Then we took a break from the to do list to go visit Santa! Which, now that I think about it, was also on the to do list.

But Maggie got to go too and I'm pretty sure asked for more pieces of cheese.

Landon was a good sport while the Cora asked for a stuffed animal (because we don't have any of those) and Claire asked for a kitten (which would be so great even if SOMEONE thinks we don't need another living thing in the house. He's wrong, obviously, and I'm working on it).

After dinner we took a little field trip downtown to admire the tree in Sundance Square. It's lovely.

The kids begged to run in the fountains but it was cold and NO. We walked back to our car, the kids enjoying the lights in our sweet little city. We drove home through the fancy neighborhoods, admiring the lights and listening to the Raffi Christmas album. It was really nice, especially because at various parts of the day the kids were driving us CRAZY, what with the nonstop talking that's kind of fighting but somehow also bonding and omg just doesn't stop ever. I prefer the singing.

Our house was last. I love that James works so hard no our lights every year. We enjoy them so much.

Christmas 2019. It's going to be a good one; Colorado, here we come!

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