Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Disco Mermaids and Shopping Shenanigans

Jumping right in to a post I meant to write on Sunday and need to publish before the kids in costumes pictures need to descend later tonight! While I keep an eye the weather app currently predicting storms while trick-or-treating, let's take it back to last Friday when, after keeping Cora home from school a full 2.5 days and after she was fever-free for 1.5 days, we decided to let her attend her preschool's Fall Festival that she had been looking forward to since she attended the first one last year. Claire, at least 24 hours behind Cora in her recovery, had to stay home, which devastated all 62 lbs. of her. Landon got to tag along, because he was healthy and LOVES a preschool social event, and happily sat himself at the 4-year-old table and ate some pizza and snacks, while Cora ran about with her friends and looked forward to the trick-or-treating.

She politely declined anyone offering lollipops, starbursts, or other fruity candies (my favorite!), and enthusiastically accepted any chocolate. She even deigned to say "trick-or-treat" this year, so that was less awkward than her staring at persons offering candy and just saying "please."

My mom drove up that evening, arriving around 8:00. She said hello to the sick girls and healthy boy, all ensconced in the girls' room with Landon's trundle pulled as far away from Cora's bed as possible. She and I went out to dinner at a delicious local Italian place and had one of the best salads I've ever had (farro and roasted beets forever), plus a delicious crostini creation and white pizza. And wine. It was glorious. We then headed to Ross because it doesn't close until 11:30 p.m., which is crazy but also makes perfect sense because those are exactly the hours we needed.

On Saturday morning Cora woke us up at 1 a.m. crying because she "hurt inside." Her fever was back and her cough was worse and clearly her 60 minutes at school after 2 days of fever-free rest was TOO MUCH and backwards several steps now were we. We were all supposed to go to Landon's climbing competition, and then to the Arboretum, and then to our beloved family friend's daughter's first birthday party - all in Dallas - but new plans had to be hastily made. The girls were to stay home, my mom and I were to leave later and arrive for the last hour of Landon's competition, and our nanny was going to cover us for about 4 hours of Dallas overlap. As I've said many times, than goodness for our nanny network that frequently makes our life possible.

This was Landon's second competition and we arrived with an hour to go and him feeling pretty confident. He'd conquered many a complicated route and only had two to go.

He never quite reached the top of his two white whales, but he did score some points for making it to certain markers and we found out yesterday he placed 6th overall out of 25! At his last competition he was 11th, so he's definitely improving and he was so excited and proud.

We grabbed lunch at our favorite Austin taco place that has expanded to Dallas but frustratingly refused all my birthday wishes for it to come to Fort Worth, and then the boys headed home to relieve the sitter and check on our girls. Landon was devastated to miss the 1-year-old birthday party (he loves babies and any good social event), and was even willing to shop with my mom and I while we waited for the party to start, but we sent him on his way. We had serious TJ Maxx shopping to do and you have to be over 18 and in possession of your own credit card to do it!

I've said this before, but shopping with my mother is a delight. First, she has a magic ability to find things that weren't on the rack when you looked through it moments earlier. Second, she keeps a running commentary like it's a sporting event (because IT IS) and it cracks me up. A few excerpts: "Oh my gosh, look at this poncho!" [runs over, admires navy and mustard yellow plaid poncho] "No, no, I don't need anymore ponchos, I have one just like it." ... "Do I have this sweater? I might." [tosses it in cart, picks up a dress] "Isn't this cute?!" [sees Ivanka Tump label] "No! No. I just CANNOT." [shoves dress back onto rack with extreme prejudice; heads to shoes] "Oh Rebecca! You have to see these boots! They're CRAZY!" [puts boots in cart].

You guys, it is a whirlwind of clothes and laughter and it is my favorite spectator sport.

We made it to the birthday party with a trunk full of TJ Maxx treasures and crazy boots (but no ponchos). Mom got to see our old neighbors for the first time since my wedding and she and Janet (my Italian mother) spoke at high speed for the next 90 minutes. It was so great. My childhood best friend was also there, having flown in from Florida, and the youngest of their kids, who was only 6ish when they moved away was there with his wife and baby and how could he possibly be so old and grown-up? It was a time warp.

We left the party after admiring the birthday girl attacking her cupcake with joy and focus so James and I could get ready for our own grown-up costume party at a neighbor's house that night! All I knew about James's costume was that he spent 2 hours at a local magic/costume shop picking it out and he texted me "don't worry, I got the shoes too."

Disco Stu was in the house!

I forgot how seriously he can take Halloween. (The shoes!)

I was so excited about our costume party. When our friend's said they were having it, I decided to keep it simple and use leggings I already owned (yay for crazy leggings that turn out to be SO practical) to be a mermaid. I turned to Amazon for the torso and faux shell bra and Ulta for the teal makeup, hair chalk, and face glitter. But when it came time for the glitter I realized I don't really know how to do that. I had the glitter glue, and I applied it, but then I was holding this little container of glitter and wondering how it was supposed to get on my face? I sort of tossed it in the direction of my glitter. That was very effective at glittering my counter, but less so for bedazzling the face. I finally just patted it on, smearing the glue, and realizing I should have had a few practice sessions. The girls still thought I looked magnificent.

With James's hair and platforms, he was about 7' tall.

Selfies were hard.

It was so fun. Apple Cider Sangria was present and my essential themed "Mermaid Vibes" cup was in use.

I love when the grownups get to play.

I liked my blue hair and fake abs so very much and I was surprised at how crazy hot I found the 70's.

I mean, seriously. [fans self]

We had a great time and enjoyed VERY much having our free sitter in Gigi just a few houses down!

On Sunday, we went to Half Price Books so all of the kids could pick out a bunch of books to fill Papa and Gigi's new bookcase up at the lake house. Such a fun and thoughtful idea, the kids can't wait to visit and read them! We got lunch, Gigi headed home, and I taught my class. The weather was beautiful, we had big salads for dinner, I wore one of my new dresses from TJ Maxx to work on Monday, and the girls were finally back in school!

Yesterday Landon texted me from home that he was a Millionaire! Apparently he'd read a million words in AR so far this year and there's a prize for that! And a balloon! And CANDY! Obviously, this was the answer to the excuse to go get tacos and margaritas for dinner that I'd been searching for all day. I sent out a text to some friends and next thing I knew, we had a gathering of 20+ taking over out local taco joint on a gorgeous margarita-filled night. I love a good impromptu gathering.

The kids are SO excited about tonight (their costume pics will be in the next post; the grown-ups got a turn first this year). I'm less excited since there's a 100% chance of rain, but my ghost pants, rain coat, rain boots, and hot toddy in a Yeti cup are ready to go! Happy Halloween to you all!


  1. Please let Landon know his hair looks even better than usual in all of these shots! (Maybe some of it is just the contrast with the 70s disco hair...)

    1. Ha, I will! He was distressed because he didn't like his new haircuts (he never likes any haircuts) and will be glad to hear it's looking good!

  2. The seventies weren’t a good decade fashion wise, but you’re just showing off with those photos of your husband! (Also, are there fish in the platform shoes?)

    1. Hahaha, I think I enjoyed the creative and colorful possibilities (and also the lack of shirt ;). And yes, those are fish!!

    2. That is amazing! And I’m so glad you took this comment in the humorous tone it was meant. My husband has a “dad bod,” so he does not look like that shirtless. His preferred Halloween costume is Fred Flintstone if that’s any indication. What a great sense of humor James has, though!