Friday, June 17, 2016

I should be at barre right now, but I'm on my second glass of wine instead

Hellooooo! We have much to catch up on. Unfortunately Orphan Black is about to start, so I will probably not type a single word for the next hour so I can properly sit in awe of Tatiana Maslany and her INSANE talent and attempt to understand what is happening in the plot of this show. Also, I'm in pre-mourning over the fact this is the season finale. Orphan Black is to me as Game of Thrones is to James. I love it more than anything else on TV, except maybe Better Call Saul and that's on hiatus now too. It's just going to be me and the Food Network until Fall.

~ ~ ~

And it's now 2 hours later and I accomplished even less than I thought, though I did properly indulge my Tatiana girl crush. Until next year, TM, until next year.

I feel your pain Cora, just not about dinner

The kids have their 2nd swim meet tomorrow, so it seems appropriate we should go back and discuss the first one. It was last Saturday at the crack of dawn a million miles away.

Cora, as always, was up to the task.

It may have been 6:45 a.m. and we may have been far from the cozy confines of Fort Worth, but we were ready to DO THIS. Chairs, cooler, and all.

And honestly, it was the most fun morning.

I love swim meets. The chlorine, the cheers, the racing, the fabulous happy memories. The kids swam so well- I say this with the critical eye of a former swimmer and the totally biased pride of their mother (and the wife of their amazing coach)- they have the most beautiful strokes, particularly for their ages, and they're so fun to watch. Here is Landon's 50 free.

Landon 50 Free from Lag Liv on Vimeo.

Claire also swam up an age group to do the 25 fly and won! I didn't get a great video, but I promise one next time. James swam too, so quickly that my video of him has an empty frame for the first lap because I didn't realize he was way ahead of my camera. Oops.

James 50 Fly from Lag Liv on Vimeo.

Cora was a total trooper. She wore her (empty) Frozen backpack the entire meet, clapped and cheered for everyone, and just generally had a marvelous third-baby-kind of time.

Go Rockets!

James swam the very last event. Claire changed into her street clothes, with full accessories of course, and they filled the now empty bleachers and cheered on their dad.

And then Cora walked out, owning her shit and ready to move on and conquer the rest of the day.

It was only 10:45 a.m., but that did not stop us from stopping for watermelon margaritas in Colleyville on the way home. Peace Burger- we remembered you and your french fry stuffed steak burrito smothered in queso from last year and we made sure to meet again.

The rest of our now endless Saturday consisted of swim lessons (because who can ever get enough of that? Besides James. James can.), errands, and me going to yoga since I was the only person who hadn't swam or done much of anything except drink margaritas and eat queso smothered french fry stuffed burritos.

On Sunday, Cora was DELIGHTED to wear the tutu I picked up from her at Costco on my Saturday errands. I'm not sure how it founds its way among my organic canned tomato products, black beans, chicken breasts, and granola bars, but there it was. She cleaned the house in gratitude.

I taught my barre class and then we went on a walk, dominating the street as always.

On Monday night, Claire cried over pasta- her favorite food- because her ear hurt. And because she didn't eat any of the pasta, we knew to go straight to urgent care where she was diagnosed with her very first outer ear infection! And while it sucks for her, particularly to be kept out of the water, and I felt terribly that she was in pain, I really couldn't complain about the diagnosis. With all the swimming my three do, we're just lucky none of them had had one before. I feel like we have a lot of Swimmer's Ear in our future.

at the swim team dinner Wednesday night; not swimming

On Tuesday Landon was up for a trip to urgent care after dinner because a swarm of ant bites looked like it had become infected on his foot. Luckily, they were not actually infected, just extremely inflamed and we now have some powerful topical drugs and a "sedative" dose of benadryl to give him at night to help calm down the reaction and also render him too unconscious to scratch until the wee hours. His foot no longer looks like the top has been chewed on, so I'd say the combo is working.

not yet on the benadryl,
but (finally!) looking awfully sedated on hour 13 of swimming on Sat

Yesterday I had lunch and then dinner with different alums from my old firm, which was an accidental and fun (and delicious!) coincidence. I also ran my fastest mile ever at Orangetheory in the morning, which was good because I ate everything for the rest of the day.

"Hands! ... Hands!" Cora exclaims as soon as we exit the car in a parking lot

And then today was the Fort Worth Regional Office SEC Family Fun Day! And this year, it was at the zoo a few miles from my house! This week is Tara Camp (our school year nanny; ohmygod having her just show up at the house in the morning and do everything with the kids for the whole day, including driving to/from swim practice and picking up Cora has already made this the best week of summer. I love her.), so it worked out perfectly to have her take the morning off and me take the kiddos out for some family fun!

My coworker friend met us early so we could go to the zoo's new splash park first thing and it was SO FUN. The big kids were all over it, of course (Claire with bright orange ear plug in place), but Cora was surprisingly adventurous as well. As long as her Nanat or Yaya were with her, she went down every slide and screamed in joy the whole way.

And Landon and Claire are so good about doing everything with her. It was awesome.

After our splashy fun, we did a very short loop into the zoo. Cora, of course, requested a ride.

And had on another zebra shirt- this one was identified by a blog reader who linked to it in the comments on a past post. I purchased it immediately. Blogging for the good of zebra-lovers everywhere!

After the zoo we went to lunch with my friend and her toddler and then back to our house so the kids could play. I'm taking off tomorrow, because after today I'm pretty sure my weekend has already begun, and my parents are coming in town in the afternoon to watch the kids' (and James's!) swim meet tomorrow night before driving on to Colorado to visit my sister on Saturday. I will do yoga to penance for my lack of barre and plethora of margaritas (I maybe had one today post-100-degree-zoo; it felt necessary at the time).

And now it's midnight so I'm off to bed. Apologies for the pure staccato update post, but it's been a busy week. James also has exciting company news and maybe (MAYBE; I/we can't get too excited yet, but maybe!!!) found a pool he can work out of after summer, so I'll update on that as well. Tomorrow. Or, since it's after midnight, perhaps later today.

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