Friday, May 27, 2016

This Romper Has No Elephants

Yesterday I took the morning off from work so I could go to the kids' field day. I have never been to field day. Landon's Kindergarten year I had testimony I couldn't reschedule. His first grade year a semi truck hit me on the highway the day before and was sore and bruised and not into the idea of getting in a car. So this year I was GOING. And I went. And then it rained and field day was postponed for 5 hours, right when I needed to be back at work. Disappointed, but not about to let 3 leave hours go to waste, I went erranding to get ready for our New York trip (6 a.m. tomorrow!). It is much harder to prepare for a trip while also preparing for 3/5 of your family to remain behind in your house. It's like having guests and going on vacation at once. And we have a mix mash of childcare that is making things a little more complicated (my parents are coming late tomorrow and leaving early Monday, so we'll never see them; our nanny is filling in on Day 1 and 3). So there's a lot to do.

I gave myself 15 minutes in TJ Maxx to find a lightweight purse to carry around the city (done!) and maybe find something cute to wear during our city wandering on Sunday. I grabbed a few sundresses I didn't need and then once in the dressing room I spied an elephant covered romper from the juniors section hanging up on the go-back rack. I have never worn a romper. I've never even tried on a romper. A romper is far to hipster trendy for my staid self. But it had elephants and maybe the New York version of me IS hip and trendy? No one will know that I'm actually not. So I asked the fitting room attendant if I could try it and I fell in love. I'm not sure it's actually all that flattering on me, but it was cute and comfortable and light and airy and easy and New York me is HERE for elephant rompers. Plus it was $12 because it's from the juniors section at TJ Maxx.

So I bought it. And then I told my bestie coworker friend ALL about it and its elephant romperness and I was so into rompers by the time I went home I wondered if I maybe needed more. Later last night, post-barre subbing (we killed it; also, no one in my class had seen Centre Stage so I gave them all homework to watch it immediately, it's basically a barre pre-req), I started to have doubts about the romper. So I got it out of my closet to try on and there were no elephants. Not ONE! I was shocked. Disappointed. So genuinely completely confused. The romper I tried on that morning was covered in elephants and this romper doesn't have a single one.

I texted my friend immediately, not wanting any false claims of elephant rompers to be floating out there in the universe. I still don't know what sort of foul magic is afoot, but I've packed the paisley romper and will make a gameday decision on Sunday on whether or not New York Lag Liv wears paisley rompers. It's a whole new decision tree I need to work through.

In other sartorial news, my Rent the Runway dresses didn't fit. The one I picked out for the rehearsal dinner is too thick and scuba-y and the one for the wedding is too tight in the neck/upper chest. My upside down triangle proportions rear their ugly head again. I'm a 0 in the hips, 2/4 in the waist, and 6 at the top. All perfectly good numbers, just none of them the same and tricky to combine into a long gown. So I packed everything up to take to the RTR store in Manhattan to try on whatever they have in my size tomorrow afternoon. I've packed black shoes and silver shoes, 2 types of bras, my full eyeshadow palette, and will rent all the other accessories. It's weird to have a suitcase full of clothing I'm not going to wear. And that might include the paisley romper.

Other things are happening! The kids are in their final days of school (last day June 2nd!). Every day brings home new stacks of art, writings, and other treasures I need to find room for. More importantly, last weekend I got to play Life with Landon! It was a real mountaintop moment in my 9 years of motherhood so far. I LOVE board games. I love board games more than anyone loves board games and no one ever plays them with me and the kids are finally old enough to play REAL board games and it is so awesome. Plus, the conversations you have with your kids during Life are wonderful and hilarious (taxes, house insurance, car insurance, buying stock, naming spouses/babies, contemplating college v. straight on to a career). Landon's wife is Mary and his kids - and he was thrilled to pieces each time he landed on a baby spot- are named Carson and Sally. I would never have known that had we not played Life while Cora was napping and Claire was at a friend's house.

We celebrated Claire's 6th birthday at school on Wednesday. Her real birthday is 2 days after school gets out so we wanted to make sure she could bring a treat to her class. She chose donuts and was THRILLED to pass them out. Kindergarten has been such an amazing year for her- she's the youngest in her class but you'd never know it. She adores school and it makes my heart happy every time I see her beaming face ready and super excited to go to "Kiddergarten" each morning.

Thank you all for your sweet words about Tex. It was a tremendously sad day and we continue to look for him at random moments- I have yet to open our back door when I get home from work without expecting his furry body around the other side, excited to have us home and particularly excited to get his dinner. James still turns the flashlight on his phone every time he comes from the bathroom to our bed at night so he can avoid stepping on him. It's hard. But we are at peace knowing he's at peace and that he gave us some wonderful years. I was also able to donate all of his unused flea and heartworm meds (11 months worth; I was so optimistic when I placed that year-long order 2 months ago), brushes, and other accessories to a rescue organization in town which felt good and right. Cora has stopped asking  "Where my Texie go?!" a hundred times a day which is both sad and a relief.

James and I are off for the airport in 6.5 hours. It's weird to go somewhere together without the kids. I have feelings about it. I think because we both really, really like going places with the kids and I also maybe choked up a little saying goodnight to Cora. My last overnight trip was last May (James's last overnight trip was ~2010) and I've just gotten really used to always being here with them. But it will be wonderful to sit on a plane with only a kindle and a snoozing husband and to stroll through the city without worrying about anyone (CORA) running into traffic. And to dance at an uber fancy party with friends we haven't seen in years while I wear an amazing dress I don't have yet and James wears an amazing tux I haven't seen yet either (he has it, it's just wrapped up, he's several steps ahead of me in terms of wardrobe right now and it's weird). 

I'll keep you posted on the romper.


  1. When I saw the word Elephant in your title and glanced at the romper photo, there was no doubt in my mind it had elephants! I was just as confused as you!!! Have a great trip!!

  2. You can totally rock the romper. Sandals, underwear and you're DONE. The sweet freedom I remember from summer playsuits with "spaghetti straps." Of course, slightly more underwear than when you were 6 or so...

    Hope your trip is fantastic!

  3. Omg I bought pajama pants that I thought had polka dots which turned out to be tiny elephants!!!